The latest Safari Zone event in Pokémon Go is live, and with it comes the debut of another Shiny Pokémon.

The Montreal Safari Zone is currently underway, and while those in attendance are getting some awesome rewards for being there like Unknown that spell “QUEBEC,” the region-exclusive Pokémon Tropius and much more, the rest of the world are seeing increased spawns of Yanma.

Yanma has been in Pokémon Go since the Johto region was introduced, but this weekend marks the debut of its awesome Shiny variant.

Shiny Yanma is debuting in ‘Pokemon Go’ Niantic/NewsGeek

Shiny Yanma can be caught in the wild when trainers tap on it in the overworld. The Bug and Flying-type Pokémon won’t appear as a Shiny on the map, but, when players enter the capture sequence, they can tell if they found the rare variant.

Distinguishing a regular Yanma and Shiny Yanma is easy. Like some other Shiny Pokémon, Shiny Yanma is different from its usual coloring, switching its red hue to a neon blue. Trainers can also determine if they found a Shiny Yanma if they see a star symbol next to Yanma’s name.

Trainers can take advantage of the special event item box as well. For 480 coins, players can purchase 30 Ultra Balls, two Super Incubators, two Star Pieces and two Lucky Eggs.

Pokémon Go players will see the increased Yanma spawns until Sunday, September 22.

The Montreal Safari Zone is just the third real-life Safari Zone event for Pokémon Go in 2019. The first was the Safari Zone in Porto Alegre, Brazil which unlocked Psyduck’s Shiny. Singapore had its own Safari Zone, which unlocked Shiny Lapras and Shiny Shuckle.

A Safari Zone event in Taiwan is scheduled for the weekend of October 3. The Shiny that will be unlocked during that event is still unknown, but trainers will see increased spawns of Oddish so it could be that species that will see its Shiny debut.

Niantic recently confirmed that October’s Community Day will spotlight the Ground-type Pokémon, Trapinch. This will mark the debut of Shiny Trapinch and its evolutionary line in Pokémon Go.

The November Community Day will feature Chimchar, meaning it, and its evolutionary line, can be captured in its Shiny forms.

Pokémon Go recently brought the Unova region into the mobile game, and with it comes three new Shiny Pokémon. Lillipup, Patrat and Klink can all be found in their Shiny forms.

What do you think of Shiny Yanma? Which Shiny Pokémon do you hope gets introduced next? Let us know in the comments section below.


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