Get the New Pokémon Special-Edition Switch Before ‘Pokémon Scarlet’ and ‘Violet’ Release – POKEMONGO514

Those who are especially excited for the next generation Pokemon game thankfully will be able to get their hands on this special edition console before the new games come out.The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet OLED Switch console will be available to purchase starting Nov. 4, 2022. At this time, players cannot preorder the console, and…


Pokemon anthology fan concept has players begging for Switch ports – POKEMONGO514

Laura Gray    Published: 2022-08-28T17:26:00    Updated: 2022-08-28T17:26:35Fans desperately want older main series games to become available on the Nintendo Switch via Pokemon ports, and a fan anthology concept has players begging for a real-life version. The Pokemon game series has launched across several platforms since its release in the late 1990s. From the original…


Amazon.com: Pokemon Shield – Nintendo Switch : Video Games – POKEMONGO514

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Pokémon Go: How to get maximum Stardust fast – POKEMONGO514

Even more than Candy, Stardust is the currency of Pokémon Go. You need it to power up your Pokémon for Gym battles and Raids. You also need it to trade them with other players and to buy secondary charge moves. As though all that wasn’t enough, Stardust is also necessary for Purifying Shadow Pokémon. Fortunately,…


3 Months From Launch, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have Revealed 12 New Pokemon – POKEMONGO514

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans find themselves in a weird predicament because of how little is known about Gen 9 games three months ahead of release. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are coming in less than three months, and even though there have been multiple alleged leaks and rumors appearing online over the past few months,…


Pokemon: Every Pokemon Game On Nintendo Switch, Ranked – POKEMONGO514

The Pokemon series has made its mark across almost every Nintendo console from the Game Boy to the 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch is no different. The system has a range of main series titles and spin-off games for you to sink your teeth into, so when it comes to the Switch, you’re never really…


New Pokemon-themed cafe and ice cream shop recently opened in Edmonton – POKEMONGO514

Swirl Cafe, a new cafe concept with a twist, has just opened in Edmonton. Not only does this space serve up espresso-style coffee drinks and ice cream cones, but also deals in all things Pokemon. Aiming to “provide a one-stop shop for anything Pokemon-related,” this will be a haven for buying products, grabbing a drink,…