Pokémon fans, get ready to catch them all.

In June 2020, there will be a two-day Pokémon-inspired pop-up bar in Montreal, according to a press release. Fans will be able to indulge in Pokémon-inspired burgers and cocktails as they participate in various live-action games and activities.

As well as a stop in Montreal, the PokéBar will also be taking place in various locations around the United States and the United Kingdom. The pop-up is advertised to be the first of its kind and will take place in Montreal June 20 and 21.

Fans can expect to take part in trivia, card battles, action stations and giant interactive games. The goal of the activities will be to win points and evolve your Pokémon. The team with the most evolved Pokémon will be crowned champs and receive various prizes.

Other smaller prizes will also be available throughout the two-day event, such as for “best dressed.”

Tickets are listed at $45, with a Pokémon-themed burger and drink included in the price of admission. A location has yet to be announced.

Limited tickets are available, but haven’t yet been listed for the Montreal event. Instead, people are asked to provide their email address to be notified for pre-sale tickets at https://www.thepokebarpopup.com.

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