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Pokemon go map locations for Montréal. Pokemon nests in Montréal, Canada. Gym Raid Battle Bosses map for Montréal.

[Selected ALL]AbraAerodactylAipomAlakazamAmpharosArbokArcanineAriadosArticunoAzumarillBayleefBeedrillBellossomBellsproutBlastoiseBlisseyBulbasaurButterfreeCaterpieCelebiChanseyCharizardCharmanderCharmeleonChikoritaChinchouClefableClefairyCleffaCloysterCorsolaCrobatCroconawCuboneCyndaquilDelibirdDewgongDiglettDittoDodrioDoduoDonphanDragonairDragoniteDratiniDrowzeeDugtrioDunsparceEeveeEkansElectabuzzElectrodeElekidEnteiEspeonExeggcuteExeggutorFarfetch’dFearowFeraligatrFlaaffyFlareonForretressFurretGastlyGengarGeodudeGirafarigGligarGloomGolbatGoldeenGolduckGolemGranbullGravelerGrimerGrowlitheGyaradosHaunterHeracrossHitmonchanHitmonleeHitmontopHo-OhHoothootHoppipHorseaHoundoomHoundourHypnoIgglybuffIvysaurJigglypuffJolteonJumpluffJynxKabutoKabutopsKadabraKakunaKangaskhanKingdraKinglerKoffingKrabbyLanturnLaprasLarvitarLedianLedybaLickitungLugiaMachampMachokeMachopMagbyMagcargoMagikarpMagmarMagnemiteMagnetonMankeyMantineMareepMarillMarowakMeganiumMeowthMetapodMewMewtwoMiltankMisdreavusMoltresMr MimeMukMurkrowNatuNidokingNidoqueenNidoranNidoranaNidorinaNidorinoNinetalesNoctowlOctilleryOddishOmanyteOmastarOnixParasParasectPersianPhanpyPichuPidgeotPidgeottoPidgeyPikachuPiloswinePinecoPinsirPolitoedPoliwagPoliwhirlPoliwrathPonytaPorygonPorygon2PrimeapePsyduckPupitarQuagsireQuilavaQwilfishRaichuRaikouRapidashRaticateRattataRemoraidRhydonRhyhornSandshrewSandslashScizorScytherSeadraSeakingSeelSentretShellderShuckleSkarmorySkiploomSlowbroSlowkingSlowpokeSlugmaSmeargleSmoochumSneaselSnorlaxSnubbullSpearowSpinarakSquirtleStantlerStarmieStaryuSteelixSudowoodoSuicuneSunfloraSunkernSwinubTangelaTaurosTeddiursaTentacoolTentacruelTogepiTogeticTotodileTyphlosionTyranitarTyrogueUmbreonUnownUrsaringVaporeonVenomothVenonatVenusaurVictreebelVileplumeVoltorbVulpixWartortleWeedleWeepinbellWeezingWigglytuffWobbuffetWooperXatuYanmaZapdosZubat

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Disclaimer: This is a community driven Pokemon Go map, so we cannot garantie the exact spawn locations and nests of the pokemon go species and reliability of the information provided. Please help us increase the trustworthiness of the Pokemon Go maps by providing more locations coordinates where you are finding the pokemons.

Pokémon Go developer Niantic actively blocks “pokemon go locator” and “map radar” apps from getting its pokemon location map spawn data to find Pokémon in Pokémon Go. But new community driven Pokevolver Pokémon Go map have popped up, ignoring that prohibition. What our map offers are now requirements for the best Pokémon Go maps: a “Refresh Map” option for what Pokémon you’ll find near you before they de-spawn. You can search around the map and see where to find Pokémon locations and nests coordinates.

Here’s some cities of the world that you can directly jump to see the pokemon locations there:


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Nintendo Switch

By SickrFebruary 23, 2021

Pokemon Day celebrations kick off this Saturday and the rumour mill is swirling of ideas of what could be announced by The Pokemon Company. Pokemon insiders Centro are once again confident that the big Nintendo Switch reveal will be Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. The team recently said that we “won’t have to wait until Pokemon Day on the 27th for the big news.” So presumably a Direct style presentation is scheduled for the announcement of the games this week, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl originally launched on the Nintendo DS back in 2006. We shall have to wait and see what transpires.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch shows just how far the franchise has come since the days of Red and Blue, but what would the most recent game look like in a similar 8-bit style? A Japanese YouTuber by the name of Hayate Keiunji imagined just that with a new Pokemon video marrying the two Pokemon generations together. Keiunji’s video is a pretty amazing recreation of the Galar region, and one that feels faithful to both the past and present of the Pokemon franchise. What’s even more impressive is that the video lasts 19 minutes in total, and even teases a follow-up!

The video can be found embedded below.

Pokemon Red and Blue opened with a battle between two Pokemon: Nidorino and Gengar in Red, and Gengar and Jigglypuff in Blue. Keiunji’s video replicates that opening using two Pokemon that debuted in Generation VIII: Corviknight and Duraludon. From there, the player is taken to a home screen where protagonist Victor stands alongside a sprite of the starter Scorbunny. However, as the game begins, it’s clear that this is not meant to replicate the story of Sword and Shield. Instead, it’s an original tale in which Victor and Hop find themselves waking up in “low resolution,” with no idea what happened!

There’s a really impressive attention to detail in the video. Everything looks and sounds the way that a classic Pokemon game should, but the heart of Sword and Shield remains intact; there’s even a sequence where Victor and Hop are chased by a Dynamax Wooloo! According to Keiunji, they came up with this concept when they wanted to hear a Game boy version of the background town music from Sword and Shield. When they couldn’t locate it, they decided to make it, and this project was the result!

The video is yet another testament to the creativity of the Pokemon fanbase. In the 25 years since Pokemon Red and Green released in Japan, fans have been finding a number of ways to showcase their passion for Pokemon, and Keiunji clearly did just that with their video. It will be interesting to see where the storyline goes when they release their second video!


Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

Are you a fan of Pokemon Sword and Shield? What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!


From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.

If you were looking for the TCG expansion released to commemorate the 20th Anniversary, see Generations (TCG). If you were looking for the animated miniseries, see Pokémon Generations.

A generation is a grouping of the Pokémon games that separates them based on the Pokémon they include. In each generation, a new set of Pokémon, region, moves, and Abilities that did not exist in the previous generation are released.

While generations are not usually discussed officially, they are occasionally. Junichi Masuda has referred to the fourth generation on his Twitter profile and sixth generation on his blog. Pokémon Black and White were referred to as a “new generation of Pokémon”, and Pokémon Sun and Moon were referred to as the “newest generation” in press releases.

Generational lines are typically ignored in other parts of the franchise, which continue from where the last generation left off and keep the story going (this is especially true of the anime), and may ignore older parts of the canon that explicitly declare to be true something that is later changed.

To date, there are eight generations, each introducing their own quirks into the franchise. The Generation I and II games are compatible with one another via the Time Capsule but not with later games; the six most recent generations are also compatible with each other (forward only) via dual-slot mode, Pal Park, Poké Transfer, Poké Transporter, Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Home, but not with the Generation I and II games, with the exception of the Generation I and II Virtual Console releases, which are compatible with Generation VII.


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Now that Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out for some time, Pokemon fans may be wondering what’s next for the long-running franchise.

Published May 27, 2020

Nintendo has consistently released a new main series Pokemon game every fall since 2016, but it looks as though 2020 will be different. Barring a surprising announcement from Nintendo or The Pokemon Company, it seems as though Pokemon fans won’t have any new major releases to look forward to this year besides Pokemon Sleep, and so it stands to reason that many are wondering what’s next for the long-running franchise.

As it so happens, there are numerous directions that Nintendo and The Pokemon Company could go with the next Pokemon games. It’s possible that the next big Pokemon game releases will be something completely unexpected, but the games listed here seem like the safest bets.

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Here are some of the most likely possibilities when it comes to new Pokemon games.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes

Ever since the release of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen in 2004, Game Freak, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company have consistently remade each Pokemon generation for newer platforms. The latest set of remakes, not counting the Let’s Go games, were Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS in 2014. There’s been about five years between each of the Pokemon remakes, so Pokemon fans are technically overdue for Diamond and Pearl remakes.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl marked the franchise’s debut on the Nintendo DS, and they launched with a number of improvements and innovations for the franchise. Some aspects of Diamond and Pearl may not have aged particularly well, but those issues could be ironed out in remakes. Out of all the possibilities listed here, it seems as though Diamond and Pearl remakes are the most likely possibilities, especially since Time Diamond and Space Pearl titles leaked alongside Pokemon Sword and Shield back in 2017.

Pokemon Let’s Go Gold and Silver

Pokemon GO remains a juggernaut in the mobile gaming space, standing as one of the most consistently popular mobile games ever made. It’s no surprise that Game Freak wanted to capitalize on Pokemon GO‘s success, and it did so with Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, which recreated the original Pokemon games with updated graphics and more Pokemon GO-style gameplay. While not everyone was a fan of this style of Pokemon game, it does have its appeal, and many would be excited to see the Johto region games, Gold and Silver, get a similar treatment down the line. If nothing else, these Let’s Go games could help fill the gap between proper new Pokemon releases.

RELATED: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Recreates Pokemon Gold and Silver in Game

Pokemon Spin-Off Game

There have been countless Pokemon spin-off games released over the years, with Pokemon Sleep next up. It could be that a new Pokemon spin-off game will be the next title for…


It looks like 2021 is going to be another great year for gaming. 

The Pokemon Company has just announced that New Pokemon Snap will launch on the Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021. This sequel to 1999’s cult classic Pokemon Snap game will let players explore the Lental region as they snap pictures of photogenic Pokemon, safari-style. 

Watch a new trailer for the game below:

In New Pokemon Snap, you’ll work with Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita, taking pictures for them and examining new and strange environments. It looks like the game has a lot of variety to offer, too. Ground-type Pokemon show up in abundance in a desert-like environment, while Grass and Bug Pokemon appear in a forest environment, for example. You’ll travel through all of these locations on an on-rails vehicle called the Neo-One, snapping pictures of any Pokemon you happen to see. 

Lental Pokemon also have an affinity for ‘Fluffruit’, a new item you can use to attract otherwise shy Pokemon to your camera. If it works anything like the apples in 1999’s Pokemon Snap, you might also be able to use these items to cause new evolutions and manipulate your surroundings to reveal new Pokemon and photogenic moments. The pictures you take will be judged on how Pokemons are posed, how large they are, whether they’re facing your camera lens and how they’re framed. 

Interestingly, Pokemon in the Lental region have also begun to glow in strange ways. You, Professor Mirror and Rita will have to work together to uncover this new phenomenon, called Illumina. The Pokemon Company is celebrating 25 years of Pokemon this year, and this looks like the first of many announcements for the franchise to come!


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Nintendo Switch Remake Rumoured for 2021 – Outsider Gaming

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