Hear our prayers, Pokemon Company.

Published on January 27, 2023 John Esposito

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In 2017, Nintendo finally released the next step in handheld and console gaming, the Nintendo Switch. The platform has turned out to be quite a hit, with the company’s legendary franchises like Pokemon introducing players to a whole new world of gaming.

Since 2017, seven Pokemon titles have made their way onto the Switch, with the latest being Scarlet and Violet, bringing over hundreds of fictional creatures across the aforementioned seven titles. Across those games, we’ve seen a slew of new and old creatures alike, as Game Freak managed to mix in some of our fan favorites, despite them being from a different generation.

Interestingly enough, though, not every one of them has made it to the most recent console generation. According to the official Pokemon subreddit, there’s actually been a total of 38 characters that have yet to show up on the Nintendo Switch, which is pretty surprising.

While some of these are pretty obscure, meaning it makes at least a little sense while they haven’t appeared, there are some others on this list that are rather surprising. Some of the most notable ones are starters like Snivy and Tepig, whose full evolutions got ignored in favor of Oshawott. The mythical Pokemon Deoxys also feels like a considerable snub.

Hopefully, some of these character will be added in upcoming DLC, maybe as part of a Tera raid event. Either way, something definetly needs to be done to bring these poor Pokemon back into the limelight.


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