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Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games are making their way to the Switch, and this opens the door for more of the Pokemon library to be ported.

February’s Nintendo Direct event revealed a lot about the Switch’s future. A lot of franchises will be receiving new titles, and Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games will be making their way to the hybrid console through Nintendo Switch Online. This is good news for Pokemon fans, as it paves the way for older Pokemon games to make their way to the Switch. This would be a great situation, as series veterans could indulge in nostalgia while newcomers could get familiar with where it all began.


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The lack of backward compatibility has been an issue for Pokemon fans on the Switch. It has caused a significant chunk of the franchise’s library to be missing from the hybrid console. Hence, fans can’t abandon their Nintendo 3DS handhelds just yet. With the latest advancements, things could change for the better.

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Game Boy and Game Boy Advance Games Come to Switch

The Switch is an amazing device, and its hybrid capabilities have made it a hit among gamers. It recently broke sales milestones, surpassing the PS4’s sales numbers to become the third bestselling gaming console of all time. Though it is nice that the Switch can go portable, one of the sore points…


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