Pokémon Go is still one of the most popular games in the world, but like any app it’s prone to issues. It’s far more stable today than it was years ago but there are times when Pokémon Go isn’t working for a variety of reasons.

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To help, we’ve put together a list of common problems and fixes for a number of Pokémon Go issues. Here’s what to do when Pokémon Go isn’t working.

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Pokémon Go frozen or stuck

There are a couple of situations where Pokémon Go is known to freeze. It could be as early as the loading screen when first opening the app. It could also be when playing the game, just after catching a Pokémon for example.

There are no pop ups indicating any errors or issues, Pokémon Go just stops working all together.

In either case, the only solution is to close and restart the game. On Android Pie, this is quick and simple. The steps may vary slightly depending on which software your phone is running.

How to fix Pokémon Go by restarting the app

  1. Tap the square icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Swipe the Pokémon Go app up to eliminate it.
  3. Return to your home screen and reopen Pokémon Go.

If Pokémon Go is crashing or freezing consistently, you should check that you’re running the most up to date version of the app. Newer versions may have fixes for the problems you’re experiencing.

Follow the steps below to update Pokémon Go to the latest version.

How to update Pokémon Go

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the menu by tapping the hamburger icon in the top left.
  3. Tap My apps & games.
  4. Tap Update next to Pokémon Go, if available.

GPS signal not found in Pokémon Go

Sometimes you are able to open Pokémon Go normally, but unable to do anything in the app due to the dreaded GPS Signal Not Found message. You may still be able to play the game, but you will experience frequent errors when trying to spin Pokéstops or interact with gyms.

While it could be the case that your device simply isn’t able to connect to GPS due to connectivity issues, if the issue persists it could be an issue with app permissions. The location permission must be enabled for the game to work properly.

How to turn on Location settings in Pokémon Go

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Apps & Notifications.
  3. Find and select Pokémon Go.
  4. Tap Permissions.
  5. Toggle Location.

No Pokémon found nearby

Pokémon Go is all about catching Pokémon, but if there aren’t any around it can be a pretty boring experience. Normally walking in any direction for a few minutes will reveal more Pokémon, but sometimes there just aren’t any Pokémon nearby.

Usually this is due to your location. If you are in a rural area you can expect wild Pokémon to be few and far between. Pokémon spawn much more frequently in urban areas with heavy foot traffic, so keep that in mind when trying to fill out your Pokédex.

If you live in an urban area and there are no Pokémon spawning nearby, there may be a problem with the server.

Check if Pokémon Go is down

If you’re not able to log in or experience a variety of issues that don’t seem to be related to your device, it could be that the entire Pokémon Go service is down.

To check Pokémon Go’s status, the easiest solution is Down Detector. If there is an issue globally or in any specific regions, it will appear here.

If Pokémon Go isn’t working because of an offline server, there’s little you can do other than just wait.

Check the known issue database

If you have a recurring problem with something in Pokémon Go, you may not be alone. It could be a known issue with the game that Niantic has identified and is working to fix.

To find a list of known issues on the Niantic Support website. Each issue will display its current status, Resolved or Investigating.

Open any of the known issues for the latest updates. They may even list a temporary fix that will get your Pokémon Go working normally.

That’s it for our troubleshooting guide for when Pokémon Go isn’t working. Did we miss a major issue? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get them added to the list!


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