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  • Locally owned & operated

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  • “Visiting Toronto and want something special to remind you of the good times? Come into Lucky’s today and we’ll give you a free keychain with any $10 purchase! We are a family-owned…” more

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  • “I would avoid purchasing any collectible cards/ items of values online. I purchased $300 worth” more

  • “I thought this would be one of those kitchy type of stores…kinda like a fancy dollar store with higher prices. But Iw as actually surprised – there is a mish mash of items here -…” more

  • “ paperbacks, collectible card games, figures, and much much more. If you find yourself” more

  • “ time I come here, it reminds me of my childhood. The shop sells a variety of cards, board games” more

  • “ instructing a young fan on the rules and some strategies for one of the deck building games (pokemon I” more

  • “ what game you need and has plenty of gaming knowledge. This place is clean and a relaxed entertaining location for a quick card game.” more

  • “ like Pokemon, Tetris, Kirby and everything else. It came with the original box, AR cards, the free 2” more

  • “, albums, posters, photo cards, stickers, notepads and calendars! I have personally been to both Toronto” more

  • “As fans of the previous store, my wife and I were worried that everything we liked about it would change when Thunderstruck took over. If anything, it’s better! That owes strongly…” more

  • “ is small and not at all busy but they seem to hold tournaments and events each week for card players so if that’s your jam, go bananas.” more

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  • 29 years in business

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    • $90 for $100 Deal

    “The perfect record store. Tons of used vinyl to dig through, and tons of characters dropping in. Everyone wants to talk to the owner, who understands music in a way I’ll never…” more

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