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Credit: Niantic

It’s only $1, to be sure, but one doesn’t want to spend even one dollar without necessarily knowing what you’re going to get from it. It’s Pokemon GO Community Day today, and that means that we’ve got our now-standard $1 special research that you can buy to get some extra goodies and to provide a little bit of structure to today’s Fletchling hunt. And here in the Western Hemisphere we get a little leg up from people who can do these things ahead of us and see what’s in them, so let’s take a look at what you get from “The Bravest Bird” special research story.

All of this is via Leek Duck, one of the better Pokemon GO sources out there. Most of the steps are the sort of standard things we see from all these stories: catch a total of 30 Fletchling, evolve a Fletchinder, and so on. You can see the full steps here, but I’ll collate the rewards below:

  • 4 Fletchling encounters
  • 1 Fletchinder Encounter
  • 1 Talonflame Encounter
  • 60 Fletchling Candy (separate from catch candy)
  • 10 Pokeballs
  • 15 Great Balls
  • 10 Ultra Balls
  • 10 Pinap Berries
  • 2 Golden Razzberries
  • 2 Silver Pinap Berries
  • 1 Rocket Radar
  • 2 Rare Candy
  • 5000 XP
  • 4000 Stardust

And that’s it. You can basically decide whether or not you think that raft of rewards is worth $1 and go for it from there: for me the biggest prize is likely the Rocket Radar, because I’m still hungry for leader encounters so that I can get that elusive Sandile (I will not get that elusive Sandile). For me, the rewards are nice, but even more than that I just like the opportunity to feel like I “finished” Community Day. We don’t get the crowds, the atmosphere or the ability to go get a beer like we used to back in the before times, so this makes it into a slightly more palatable solo experience. And it’s just $1, which is pretty reasonable as far as these things go. Though if you go too far down the rabbit hole of considering what the appropriate price for virtual goods is you will lose your mind.


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