Pokemon GO: How To Get An Upgrade and Sinnoh Stone For Porygon Community Day

Pokemon GO trainers who want to prepare for Porygon Community Day should note these ways to earn Upgrades and Sinnoh Stones this month.

Niantic Responds to Pokemon GO Mega Evolution Controversy

While Niantic’s take on Mega Evolution isn’t popular with Pokemon GO players, the company shows that it is listening to fans’ concerns.

Pokemon GO Ending Support for Some Apple and Android Devices

Pokemon GO users who are still running on older Android and Apple devices and operating systems may lose support when October arrives.

Pokemon GO: How to Unlock Mega Pidgeot, Houndoom, and More in September

September is almost here, and that means many new Mega Raids and Special Field Research tasks for those in the Pokemon GO community.

Pokemon GO Has Special Remote Raid Pass Offer

Players in Pokemon GO that want to participate in more raids can take advantage of a limited-time offer to get multiple remote raid passes for cheap.

Pokemon GO Adding Mega Gengar for Early Halloween Event, Here’s When

Following the addition of Mega Evolution to Pokemon Go, A Mega Gengar event has been announced just in time for the Pokemon to haunt on Halloween.

Pokemon GO: How to Catch a Ditto (2020)

The elusive Ditto can be hard to find in Pokemon GO, but trainers only need to keep a few tips in mind to simplify the search for this unique Pokemon.

Pokemon GO: How to Beat and Catch Mega Charizard Y

Mega Evolution Raids in Pokemon GO are now active with Mega Charizard Y being one of the new raid bosses- here’s how to counter and catch it.

Pokemon GO: How To Beat and Catch Mega Charizard X

Mega Charizard X flies into Pokemon GO with this week’s big Mega Evolution update – defeat the powerful Fire and Dragon-type with these counters.

Pokemon GO: Best Counters for Mega Venusaur

Mega Venusaur joins the Pokemon GO fun with this week’s Mega Pokemon update – defeat the powerful Grass and Poison-type with these ideal counters.

Pokemon GO: Mega Energy Loophole Discovered

Pokemon GO user discovers a trading loophole that allows Pokemon Trainers to Mega Evolve their Pokemon without breaking the Mega Energy bank.

Pokemon GO Best Mega Blastoise Counters

Pokemon GO trainers ready to head out and challenge Mega Blastoise can use this list of counters to help win the new Mega Raid battle.

Pokemon GO: How Long Does Mega Evolution Last

Pokemon GO trainers who are ready to use Mega Energy for an evolution should keep a careful eye on the timer to see exactly how long the change lasts.

Pokemon GO: How to Get Mega Energy

Pokemon GO players can now Mega Evolve certain Kanto Pokemon, but first they need to gather enough Mega Energy through in-game activities.

Pokemon GO: Every Mega Evolution in the Game

Pokemon GO introduces players to its first set of Mega Pokemon, as “A Mega Discovery” allows trainers to Mega Evolve some of their strongest partners.

Pokemon GO: All Mega Discovery Special Research Tasks and Rewards

The latest update to Pokemon GO introduces players to Mega Evolution through a new set of Special Research tasks leading to “A Mega Discovery”.

Pokemon GO: A Mega Discovery Special Research is Live in the Game

Pokemon GO surprises players and drops a new Special Research storyline that introduces Mega Evolutions to the popular mobile AR experience.

Niantic Removes 2 and 4 Star Raid Battles from Pokemon GO

Niantic rolls out a big change to Pokemon GO raids: all the Tier 2 and Tier 4 bosses have merged into Tier 1 and Tier 3 levels.

Pokemon GO: September 2020 Porygon Community Day Guide

Pokemon GO trainers who want to get the most value out of Porygon Community Day should check out this guide for the upcoming September event.

Pokemon GO: Every Upcoming Event for September 2020

September is almost here, meaning that there are plenty of events to look forward to in Pokemon GO that offer many good Pokemon to catch.


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