Pokemon Go has added the Shiny version of Alomomola as part of its Valentine’s Day event. Fans in Asia and Europe were surprised to discover that Pokemon Go added an unannounced Shiny Pokemon as part of its Valentine’s Day event. The Shiny version of Alomomola is now appearing in raids and as rewards for completing Field Research quests. Unlike the normal version of Alomomola, which has pink scales, the Shiny version of Alomomola has light purple scales. You can see an example of Shiny Alomomola below:

The Water-type Pokemon was first introduced in 2020’s Valentine’s Day event, likely due to its heart-shaped body and pink scales. Although Alomomola is not exactly a powerful or meta-relevant Pokemon, it doesn’t appear very often in Pokemon Go, so this is a solid chance to collect both normal and Shiny Alomomola during the event.

Keep in mind that Alomomola will not spawn in the wild during the Valentine’s Day event. Instead, the Pokemon is available as a 3-Star raid boss and as a reward for completing the “Catch 20 Luvdsic” and “Win 2 Raids” Field Research quests.

Also released during the event is a new Shiny Spinda variant, which features a broken-heart pattern on its face instead of a “normal” heart shaped spot pattern. This marks the first time this particular Shiny Spinda pattern has appeared in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go’s Valentine’s Day event also introduces Munna and Musharna to the game. Other perks to the event include a heightened chance of making Lucky Trades with friends and the ability to obtain Gardevoir and Gallade with the move Synchronoise, which was previously only available to players during a Community Day event. The event starts today at 10 AM local time and runs through February 18th.


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