A talented Doctor Who fan has makes a pretty convincing set of photos showing what a Doctor Who AR like Pokemon GO could look like.

A Doctor Who fan has taken to Reddit and shared their concept art for a Pokemon GO-style Mobile game. Taking inspiration from an upcoming event in the long-running sci-fi show, the concept presents a convincing picture of how the game would function in reality, to a mixed reception from fellow Redditors.

There have been many alternate reality games released since Niantic’s Pokemon GO took the Mobile gaming world by storm in 2016, but few, if any, have been able to live up to the hit title. None have been able to surpass its money-making abilities at least, with Pokemon GO having its highest earnings ever in 2020. However, a Doctor Who AR game might win fans over if it was executed correctly, like this promising mock-up.


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Taking inspiration from the upcoming ‘Flux’ storyline of Doctor Who‘s Season 13, which sees the return of various series baddies, the concept pictures from Redditor Future_Increase2915 imagine a Mobile title called ‘Fluxmania’. Players would use their Sonic Screwdriver to battle enemies of varying levels, and collect artifacts that also have levels, like a Sontaran Blaster. Players would also use the Sonic Screwdriver to investigate the Flux.

The ideas sound more in line with another Niantic-developed title, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which tasks their players with investigating ‘confounded’ items and creatures. It also features an ongoing storyline, unlike the random Pokemon GO Research Tasks that get periodically added to the game. Although an impressive mock-up, the similarity to Wizards Unite, and the amount of games that have tried to replicate Pokemon GO‘s success over the years have left other Redditors divided on the concept. Some are praising the design and idea of a Doctor Who AR title, but others are expressing their dislike because “we don’t need another Wizards Unite“.

Although there have been many Doctor Who games released over the years, none have really been huge hits, commercially or critically. It’s easy to imagine…


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