It’s been almost four years since Pokemon Go was released; however, it is still persistently acquiring new success milestones. The full credit for this immense success must go to its developer, Niantic, who frequently brings unique aspects, events, and updates. PvP mode is one of those aspects that has played the most vital role in taking Pokemon Go to a greater extent. Following this, Niantic has confirmed an upcoming PvP Cup in Pokemon Go.  Thus, we have brought this article for the gamers who are keen to know everything about this forthcoming PvP Cup, including the best Pokemon.

Best Pokemon in Little Cup Meta in Pokemon Go

Everything to Know About Upcoming Little Cup Meta in Pokemon Go

First, gamers need to know that several new PvP Leagues will arrive in Pokemon Go in November. However, in this article, we will brief about a specific League known as Little Cup. It is the first PvP league that will hit the boundaries of Pokemon Go, and the most intriguing factor about it is that Pokemon of 500 CP or below will be granted to partake in it. Thus, this league is a fantastic opportunity for gamers to obtain essential items and rewards. The Little Cup Meta will appear in Pokemon Go on 9th November 2020.

Although there are still a few days left until Little Cup Meta arrives, gamers have already started analyzing the Pokemon Lineup that they will use in Pokemon Go. Here are some of the best Pokemon that gamers can use in Little Cup Meta in Pokemon Go:

Wynaut: It is a Psychic-type Pokemon that is frail against Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon. Gamers should use its Mirror Coat and Fast moves.

Wooper: It is a Water-Ground type Pokemon that is feeble against Fire, Electric, Dark, Grass, Ice, Rock, and Poison Pokemon. Gamers should use its Body Slam and Mud Bomb moves.

Deino: It is a Psychic-Steel type Pokemon that is feeble against Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, Ice, and Electric-type Pokemon. Gamers should use its Dragon Breath, and Body Slam moves.

Cottonee: It is a Fairy-Grass type Pokemon, which is feeble against Fire, Electric, Flying, Steel, Ice-type Pokemon. Gamers should use its Grass Knot and Seed Bomb moves.

Bronzor: It is a Psychic-Steel type Pokemon that is feeble against Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Rock, and Poison-type Pokemon. Gamers should use it as Psyshock and Confusion moves.


Pokemon Go is offering a lot of new stuff to its gamers for the past few months. Following this, in November, the game brings several new events, including a series of PvP leagues. In this article, we have briefed about one of those leagues known as Little Cup Meta. The article contains all the necessary information on Little Meta Cup, including the best Pokemon names that players can use in it. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will undoubtedly succeed in their purpose and will find worth reading it.

Gamers can play Pokemon Go on their iOS and Android devices.

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SOURCE: Best Pokemon in Little Cup Meta in Pokemon Go


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