The long-awaited follow-up is finally here, so we’ve gathered up the best New Pokemon Snap deals to get you a bargain. Plus, are there any special editions on offer? And if so, which one should you get?

Luckily, it’s all pretty straightforward. When it comes to the best New Pokemon Snap deals, there’s only one edition – the standard version – available right now. This will set you back $59.99 in the US, £49.99 in the UK, and $69 in Australia. Nice and simple if you want New Pokemon Snap deals with the minimum of fuss, in other words.

In terms of what the game offers, this fresh take on Pokemon Snap follows the same formula set up by the 1999 classic. It’s on rails as before, and players are able to photograph everything around them while interacting with the Pokemon frolicking nearby (you can throw apples to tempt some out of hiding, for example). Although the game itself isn’t as big as other recent releases – the game’s install size is on the small side – it should still have plenty for us to enjoy.

To make sure you can begin enjoying the game as soon as possible, here are the best New Pokemon Snap deals.

Best New Pokemon Snap deals

Today’s best New Pokémon Snap deals

Getting the most out of New Pokemon Snap

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Although we’ve not seen any extras to tie in with New Pokemon Snap deals just yet, there’s plenty to consider before the game arrives on your doorstep. For starters, certain Nintendo Switch accessories could prove useful – the best Nintendo Switch headsets will make the experience more immersive, for example. In addition, a Nintendo Switch SD card may come in handy if you’re struggling for space on your console. 

It’s a lot to consider, particularly given the fact that Nintendo gear holds its price so stubbornly. However, if you’re able to upgrade your Switch in any of these departments, you’ll be off to a blinder.

Looking for a different game to buy or pre-order?

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There are more than a few exciting games on the horizon this year, not to mention many great offers on releases from 2020. To get you the best price on all of them, be sure to check in with our guides listed below.

For more discounts, head over to our page of cheap Nintendo Switch game sales.


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