Logan Paul might have spent the most of any popular content creator on the current Pokemon card craze, as the internet celebrity revealed that his costs are now exceeding $2 million USD.

Paul’s extremely popular Pokemon unboxing events quickly took social media by storm in 2020. What started as a one-off video soon turned into a real obsession as he tried to hunt down as many 1st edition boxes as possible.

After months of tracking down these increasingly popular items, his bank account has certainly taken a hit. While others have dipped their toes with individual packs or singular cards, Paul has amassed one of the biggest 1st edition collections out there.

From struggles behind the scenes to flights interstate, it’s been a lengthy endeavor to get where he is now. Here’s how Paul managed to fork out $2 million on Pokemon cards in a matter of months.

Logan Paul confirms $2,000,000 Pokemon card haul

Collector’s CacheThese 1st edition booster boxes are some of the most expensive items in the Pokemon community.

1st edition boxes are some of the rarest Pokemon items in the world today. Individual packs are easier to come by but collectors rarely ever want to part ways with full boxes. As a result, Paul faced tremendous difficulty tracking them down at the tail end of 2020.

To kick off his own collection, the first box cost the most of any. He paid $350,000 for this 1st edition box which contains just under 400 Pokemon cards. From there, he bought three more boxes from different sellers at $325,000 each.

Next up was “the biggest transaction of [his] life.” In a single purchase, he splurged on two 1st edition boxes for a whopping $675,000. In total, this brings his overall Pokemon costs to the $2 million mark in just a few short months.

How Logan Paul’s “troubling” hype drove up Pokemon card costs


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As one of the biggest content creators on the internet, there’s plenty of fans around the world keeping up with Paul. However, his Pokemon content reached all-new levels of hype. Millions of viewers came rushing in for unboxing streams and his audience simply couldn’t get enough.

While his viewership was soaring, it wasn’t all great news. This surge in Pokemon hype had a major negative impact on the costs moving forward.

“Although I bought [a box] in September for $200K, they’re now selling for the price point that I set: between $300K-$400K. This was slightly troubling considering the same boxes were selling for $510 in 2007.”

Paul openly admitted regret over his initial streams. “I didn’t know it was gonna be as big as it was,” he said.

Rather than having to spend $2 million, he could have “bought the boxes before” at a much lower price. He simply “didn’t think people would care.”

Logan Paul’s next Pokemon unboxing stream

With this huge stockpile now under his possession, another major event is set in stone. Paul will be hosting the next Pokemon unboxing stream on February 27. 

The event is shaping up to be “the biggest Pokemon unboxing ever,” with opening bids on individual packs set to $10,000. This broadcast coincides with the 25th anniversary of the very first Pokemon games.


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