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North American Distributors      
US Mad Al Dist. 907.274.4115 Anchorage, AK
US GTS Dist. 602.431.1800 Phoenix, AZ
US ACD Dist. 800.767.4263 Fresno, CA
US Alliance Dist. 888.366.5456 Visalia, CA
US Gold River Dist. 800.493.2306 Rocklin, CA
US GTS Dist. 408.441.0170 Santa Clara, CA
US GTS Dist. 714.940.0860 Orange, CA
US Peachstate Dist. 855.637.4263 Santa Fe Springs, CA
US R&M Dist. 925.356.0110 Concord, CA
US Sweet Deal Dist. 818.407.4755 Northridge, CA
US GTS Dist. 888.333.9500 Jacksonville, FL
US Peachstate Dist. 877.743.4263 Orlando, FL
US GTS Dist. 808.841.0265 Honolulu, HI
US All Sports Marketing 866.249.4323 Batavia, IL
US Peachstate Dist. 888.517.1283 Chicago, IL
US Southern Hobby 800.463.1133 Glendale Heights, IL
US Alliance Dist. 800.444.3552 Fort Wayne, IN
US Mad Al Dist. 606.528.6880 Corbin, KY
US Alliance Dist. 800.669.4263 Baltimore, MD
US GTS Dist. 888.333.9500 Kentwood, MI
US GTS Dist. 314.219.7630 Hazelwood, MO
US Southern Hobby 800.558.7060 St. Louis, MO
US Peachstate Dist. 888.657.1802 Piscataway, NJ
US Southern Hobby 800.974.4514 Reno, NV
US Great American Dist. 914.968.7900 Elmsford, NY
US GTS Dist. 631.234.8989 Hauppauge, NY
US Southern Hobby 855.584.6229 Farmingdale, NY
US Magazine Exchange 541.479.7389 Grants Pass, OR
US ACD Dist. 800.767.4263 Middleton, PA
US Southern Hobby 800.473.2804 Nashville, TN
US Alliance Dist. 800.424.3773 Austin, TX
US Hamps 214.553.5545 Dallas, TX
US Peachstate Dist. 855.743.4325 Dallas, TX
US GTS Dist. 425.513.2888 Everett, WA
US ACD Dist. 800.767.4263 Middleton, WI
CANADA Universal Dist. 866.487.4320 Vancouver, BC
CANADA Echo Brand Management 888.599.9050 Surrey, BC
CANADA Grosnor Dist. 800.268.9066 Brampton, ON
CANADA Grosnor Ajax Dist. 416.744.3344 Brampton, ON
CANADA Prince Dist. 888.492.1280 North York, ON
CANADA Universal Dist. 289.837.4100 Oakville, ON
CANADA Universal Dist. 866.335.9001 Montreal, QC
Latin American Distributors      
Brazil Copag



Chile Devir Chile Ltda. contacto@devir.cl  
Chile Big Bang contacto@big-bang.cl  
Chile Ansaldo www.ansaldo.cl  
Colombia & Peru CD Distribution


Mexico Devir Mexico contacto@devir.mx  
Mexico Gamesmart ventas@gamesmart.mx  
Mexico Editorial Panini Mexico S.A. de C.V. cards@panini.com.mx  
South and Central America Coqui Hobby Distribution www.coquihobby.com   
South and Central America Devir Americas latinoamerica@devir.com   
European Distributors      
Germany Amigo
http://www.amigo-spiele.de/ 06074 3755 0
Austria Amigo
http://www.amigo-spiele.de/ 06074 3755 0
Belgium Asmodee Benelux
(English, French)
info_be@asmodee.com +32 (0) 2 725 52 20
France Asmodee France
https://fr.asmodee.com/fr/support/ 01 34 52 19 70
Spain Bandai España
web@bandai.es 917211616
Denmark Asmodee Nordics
salesnordics@asmodee.com +45 3297 3070
Sweden Asmodee Nordics
salesnordics@asmodee.com +46 4096 0200
Finland Asmodee Nordics
salesnordics@asmodee.com +358 (0)20 7933040
Norway Asmodee Nordics
salesnordics@asmodee.com +47 2317 0690
Netherlands Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V. (Asmodee The Netherlands)
info.nl@asmodee.com +31 (0)492 50 98 98
Czech Republic ADC Blackfire
info@blackfire.eu +49 2102 30592 0
Switzerland Carletto
(English, French, German)


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