Shiny Pokémon are already rare, but some are even rarer in Pokémon GO. These are the most difficult to obtain shinies to get in the game.

Jan 27, 2020

Pokémon GO hit the world a few years back, and even to this day, it’s still going strong. Niantic has also tried to create a Harry Potter GO, called Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and though it’s done well, it’s nothing close to how big Pokémon GO has become.

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There are some die-hard Pokémon fans in the world that want to catch em all, and that also includes all of the shiny variants that exist. Some of these shiny Pokémon only appear via certain events or sometimes released into the Pokémon world entirely by accident. The tiers of shinies go from SSS being the hardest to find,  down to F being the easiest.

This list will only have one type of certain Pokémon because if not, Pikachu and Pichu would take up 60% of this list alone.

10 Shiny Abra

Shiny Abra was a complete error, and it was not meant to be released into Pokémon GO, so for those who caught Shiny Abra in that brief period, count yourself extremely lucky. But alas, even if it weren’t released in error, it would still be notorious to capture, due to Abra’s programming to teleport away more or less instantly.

Players generally have a single throw to catch this elusive Pokémon, so contain all those hopes and dreams into that one shot and hope for the best. However, it’ll be doubly aggravating on finding a shiny Abra, and it instantly teleporting away, that would be horrible.

9 Shiny Detective/Ash’s Hat-Wearing Pikachu

The Detective Pikachu movie was an electrifying success, so of course, Niantic would add in a version of Detective Pikachu into Pokémon GO. Pikachu wearing hats has been a theme throughout the entire release of Pokémon GO, but Detective Pikachu is the rarest of them all.

To get it was a once-off event and only available for a limited time only, but unlike other Pikachu wearing hats, it could not be caught in the wild. It can only be captured via the games augmented reality camera, whereby taking photos Detective Pikachu would photobomb the pics, and therefore spawning as a Pokémon to catch. Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat is also an incredibly rare shiny to find.

8 Shiny Witch/Party/Santa Hat-Wearing Pichu

The baby Pikachu known as Pichu is a lot cuter than it’s evolution, but when it comes to finding these shiny hat versions, they are incredibly hard to find and a lot less cute as a result. The Witch hat Pichu is only available through Halloween events, apart from in 2019 when the Pokémon was made possible to find in August for Pokémon GO Fest. Meaning if you didn’t find a shiny last year, you’ve got to wait until this Halloween to try again.

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Witch hat Pichu can only be found through hatching eggs, 2KM eggs, and of course, the shiny version is the hardest to find. For the sake of the list, Party and Santa wearing shiny Pichu are also incredibly rare to find.

7 Shiny Lunatone

The shiny variant of this Pokémon was only released after last year’s Equinox Event. Even though Lunatone and Solrock were available to capture, the shiny versions weren’t in the game and were both region-specific. Before the event, Lunatone was in American and African regions, and Solrock was in European, Asian, and Australian regions.

However, during the event, these two Pokémon switched regions, so Solrock was in American and African regions, and Lunatone was in European, Asian, and Australian regions. Also, for the first time ever, a regional-exclusive Pokémon was able to be captured in its shiny form.

6 Shiny Clefairy

Once during the Pokémon GO fest, shiny Clefairy was released into the world of Pokémon; however, it was then quickly removed as it was a mistake, just like the shiny Abra. But for those lucky enough to find one before it got removed, you are one of the only ones.

It’s now possible again to capture a shiny Clefairy, but only through finding a shiny Cleffa and evolving it into a Clefairy, as shiny Clefairy or Clefable isn’t available to be caught in the wild. But shiny Cleffa can only be found through hatching eggs, so get walking.

5 Shiny Zubat

It’s odd that the most common Pokémon in all of existence, well inside caves, is one of the hardest shiny Pokémon to find in Pokémon GO. Every two steps in a cave, a swarm of Zubats, has wholly encased you from head to toe.

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In Zubats defense, the shiny version was only available through a Team Rocket GO event in July 2019, and out of the four Pokémon that were getting a shiny version, Zubat had the lowest chance to find. However, Zubat was able to be found via hatching eggs, research encounters, and in the wild, but his odds were just far too low.

4 Shiny Alolan Marowak

The Alolan version of Marowak is a cursed fiery beast and is also incredibly hard to find within Pokémon GO. Alolan Marowak is only available through raids, as there is not an Alolan Cubone to evolve into one. In the games, Cubone evolves into each evolution based on the time of day it is, and sadly this does not crossover into Pokémon GO canon.

If you’re after the shiny Alolan Marowak, you’re going to have to complete raid after raid repeatedly, while praying to the gods of luck for a shiny version.

3 Shiny Alolan Vulpix

Alolan forms were released in Pokémon GO as Niantic was celebrating their third anniversary with a new event back in July 2019. Of course, this release also meant that shiny variants of Alolan forms were also able to be found and captured.

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However, many of the Alolan Pokémon were only available through hatching 7KM eggs, which is a hefty hike to hatch a Pokémon. Especially, if you’re after a shiny version of Alolan Vulpix who is hyper-rare to find, with the lowest odds of all Alolan Pokémon released, but now, instead of going through the hatching process, Alolan Vulpix can now be caught in the wild.

2 Shiny Nidorina/Nidoqueen

One event in Pokémon GO’s history took a lot of people off guard when a horde of female Pokémon spawned into the Pokémon GO wild. This happened on October 11, 2018, which celebrated “International Day of the Girl Child.” Of course, because of this event, new shiny versions of Pokémon were able to be found, but only the Nidoran family.

Nidorina and Nidoqueen are impossible to find in the wild sadly. As it was only possible during this one event, so if you are lucky enough to find a shiny Nidoran, than you can evolve it into a Nidorina and then into Nidoqueen, but this is the only way that it is possible.

1 Shiny Alolan Grimer

Alolan Grimer was released into the wild at the same time as the other Alolan forms, during Pokémon GO’s third-anniversary event. Of course, just like Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Grimer was only available in 7KM eggs, so both need hefty walks to find them, and even more annoying if no 7KM eggs are given at Pokéstops.

However, unlike Vulpix, who is now able to be caught in the wild, Alolan Grimer is still not possible to be found in the wild, it might be only one of the last Alola forms not be in the wild.

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