Six Invitational is an annual professional Rainbow Six Siege tournament hosted by Ubisoft, the game’s developer and publisher. Located in Montreal, home of the Ubisoft studio working on the game, the tournament gathers the best teams from all around the world. The event marks the end of previous year and acts as an informal World Cup.

While the Six Invitational usually takes place in Montreal, this edition will be held in Paris due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. There will be no audience at this event and it will be the first major offline Rainbow Six event since the pandemic started.[1]


  • Group Stage: May ??? – ???, 2021
    • Two round-robin format groups
      • Each group has 10 teams
      • All teams play each other once
      • All matches are Bo1
    • Top 8 teams from each group proceed to the Playoffs
  • Playoffs: May ??? – ???, 2021
    • Double-Elimination bracket
    • All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3
    • The Grand Final is Bo5
    • The upper bracket winner will have a 1 map advantage in the Grand Final

Broadcast talent[edit]

  • English Broadcast
  • European Broadcasts
  • LATAM Broadcasts
  • Asia Broadcasts
  • Show All
  • Spanish (LATAM) Commentator:
  • South Korean Commentator:

Prize Pool[edit]

The initial prize pool of the tournament is $500,000 USD.
An additional 30% of all Road to S.I. 2021 Battle Pass sales are added to the total prize pool up to a maximum of $3,000,000 USD.[2]
The current prizepool is $TBD USD.


For “News and Roster Changes” Click here.

1January 27th – Wildcard Gaming could not attend the event since the Australian Government did not allow the team to leave the country, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. [3][4] 2February 12th – FURIA Esports drops TchubZ. [5] 3February 22nd – G2 Esports drops Sua. [6] 4February 23rd – DarkZero Esports drops Hotancold. [7] 5February 24th – DarkZero Esports signs njr. [8] 6February 24th – Mkers drops Torok. [9] 7February 25th – Novys leaves FURIA Esports [10] 8February 26th – Oxygen Esports drops Slashug and b1ologic [11] 9February 26th – Altiora leave Rainbow 6 competitive scene. [12] 10February 27th – Oxygen Esports signs Yoggah and Kyno. [13] 11March 1st – Pengu announces his retirement from competitive play.[14] 12March 2nd – G2 Esports signs Source

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