Psychonauts 2’s biggest area can be a bit daunting. Here’s everything you can find.

Out of all of the hub worlds in Psychonauts 2, the Questionable Area is easily the most daunting. It has the most collectibles out of any of the hub worlds and can be pretty tricky to navigate.

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The Questionable Area also has a fair few side missions attached to it. Whilst here you can Help Dion Setup The Aquatodome, Find Queepie, and gather some items for the Scavenger Hunt.

PSI Cards In The Questionable Area

PSI Cards return from the original Psychonauts, and they’re used to level up your intern rank. Collect nine of them and you’ll be able to combine them with a PSI Core from the Otto Mattic to instantly level Raz up.

PSI Card Number Location
1 Found outside the Lumberstack Diner, floating above a car.
2 Found in the toilet of the Lumberstack Diner.
3 Found in a booth of the Lumberstack Diner.
4 Found in a cave near the Lumberstack Diner. Punch the cracked rocks to enter.
5 Found just past the Parking Lot, near the first tree on the right.
6 Found in the Sassyclops Cave, near a campfire.
7 Found in the Sassyclops Cave, near a pile of bones.
8 Found in the Sassyclops Cave. Burn down a tapestry near the end to find it.
9 Found on a pole on top of the restroom.
10 Found in the treetops near Fiero’s Funicular. Jump on the restroom and follow the ladder up to grab this one.
11 Found in the treetops overlooking the Funicular. In a bird’s nest next to some eggs. This is right after Queepie Location 4.
12 Found near Fiero’s Funicular, under the bridge.
13 Found after riding the Funicular, on a hill to the left, just past Frazie.
14 Found in the abandoned house just past the Funicular.
15 Found on top of a tightrope on the way to the top of the waterfall.
16 Found on a trapeze on the way to the top of the waterfall.
17 Found on a platform at the top of the tree in front of the Lumberstack Diner. Use the vines to climb up the tree.
18 Found in the middle of the Rebel Roundabout playground.
19 Found in a tree above the Rebel Roundabout playground, use the Thought Tuner…


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