Pokemon and Charizard go together like Digimon and Greymon. There’s the franchise, there’s its most iconic cool-and-strong representative, and then there’s everything else. There’s just something about these dinosaur-like powerhouses that leaves such an impression on kids. An impression with enough endurance to ensure that Charizard cards in the Pokemon TCG are not only expensive at launch — they gain in value through the years.

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Charizard’s the Holy Grail, then, and a firebreathing one at that. We’ll keep tabs on the rising costs involved in catching this tyrant’s priciest cards, so that you can either quickly add them to your collection or — if you’re like the rest of us — ogle from afar, dreaming of the day they’re yours.

Updated on July 12, 2022 by Quinton O’Connor: Is there a Pokemon card more sought-after than Charizard? The casual answer is no. The more sophisticated sort of reply merely backs that up, but mesmerizes onlookers by pointing out that there are, in fact, dozens of Charizard cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. It’s prudent of us, then, to keep our list clean with the top 14 most expensive Charizard cards at any given time. This market, like the beast itself, can be awfully volatile.

14 FireRed/LeafGreen ex ($300)

A good number of the more valuable Charizard Pokemon cards are hard to obtain simply due to most of the ones in good condition already being owned by collectors. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on some amazing finds in 2022 and beyond, though.

The Charizard ex card from the FireRed & LeafGreen set can be purchased at a current market price of $300, a relative steal when you consider the fact that it was hovering around a grand just a few months back. If $300 for a Pokemon card doesn’t inherently scare you off, now is the time to fetch this one.

Promo cards in the Pokemon Trading Card game, as well as all other trading card products, will always have built-in value simply due to them being a limited release. That’s the case with this $500 Charizard promo for the Sword & Shield sets of cards, promoting Vivid Voltage.

This card in particular wasn’t just…


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