Release Dates:

June 16th – 30th 2022

To celebrate the release of the Pokémon Trading Card Game – Pokémon GO set, a special event was held. This featured Pokémon from the set including the addition of Wimpod and a Pikachu in a special TCG hat. It also featured the return of Shiny Meltan

Starting with this event, you can also redeem codes from Pokémon GO TCG Booster Packs for various items. They are:
5 * Ivysaur Sticker, 1* Nanab Berry, 1 * Hyper Potion
5* Charmeleon Sticker, 1 Razz Berry, 1 Revive
5 Wartortle Sticker, 1 Pinap Berry, 1 Super Potion
5 Blissey Sticker, 1 Golden Razz Berry, 1 Charged TM
5 Meltan Sticker, 1 Pinap Berry, 1 Fast TM
5 Pikachu Sticker, 1 Rare Candy
TCG Shirt & Hat
1 Egg Incubator


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