In Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch, it’s impossible to burn a Fire-type Pokemon. However, Reddit user Zrehtims proved that it is not impossible to have some Fire-type Pokemon with the status condition: in this case, the “Eeveelution” Flareon! The way Zrehtims did this was by evolving an Eevee using a Fire Stone after it had already been burned. Evolution does not get rid of a status condition, leaving players with something that wouldn’t otherwise be possible in the game. If the Flareon has the Guts Hidden Ability, that burn can actually prove beneficial. Pokemon with Guts see their Attack increased by 50% when they have a status condition, and a burn doesn’t reduce its HP!

The original Reddit post from Zrehtims can be found embedded below.

To get a burned Flareon, an opposing Pokemon would have to use an attack that would burn Eevee, and that could take a lot of encounters to make happen. At the end of the day, a burned Flareon probably isn’t worth the effort required, but it’s not hard to imagine some players going out of their way to try this method for themselves based purely on the novelty.

It’s always interesting to see Pokemon fans discover new things in the games! Pokemon Sword and Shield released nearly two years ago, and it seems that fans are still finding new things to uncover, and new strategies to implement. Over the next few months, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus will both release on Nintendo Switch. It remains to be seen whether or not these new Pokemon games will convince Sword and Shield players to move on, or if we’ll still see players finding new ways of enjoying the Galar region and all that it offers. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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