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Code Generated with Pokesav for HG and SS.

94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 E0010710 00000088 E3D80C5E CC1F0000 0E3AFD4B 355BA23A 20959C27 6388E324 7EF12F79 D35F1B32 C982E60C 328E6327 61512EB6 D585B263 C22B2F09 6AEE8659 844B2685 640007FB 929D5B25 B0C5E917 FFF2EDB8 9C39B2C7 1C284B45 F3837166 0E84552F 91E9C890 2A4F9DFE 6150FDAD 0F67E7B7 C06B7332 206E7435 9EA48D39 160E61F0 71472AB1 100FC876 583FFDBF E0010798 00000088 FB6A2F0F CF800000 B49E3DAE 74EE3DDC 03E5C977 BE366890 6DCD2B66 40550F04 AC9298F1 BB3A659B..

To enable you to get Arceus the pokegod. Hold L and R while entering the pokemart. There will be a green delivery man standing there he will give you Arceus or a bad egg. It’s a 2/10 chance to get a bad egg the Arceus or bad egg requires one open space for your egg or Pokemon.

To get the god of all Pokemon Arceus. Hold L and R while you are entering the pokemart he will give you an Arceus or a bad egg. It’s a 2/10 chance to get the bad egg. The bad egg corrupts your last save.

94000130 FCFF0000
B2111880 00000000
E0011710 00000088
2D74BE0E 48360000
B338A5F9 733A1082
A64050D1 94E01A89
3F7D38BC 243AB181
8DC1330F 364975E6
A9264B8E 6EB64AC8
E9655493 B4667B8E
847F00ED FA7C8992
20915C4C 7A159398
FC7D74BB 62360507
B64D3664 67A57115
ECA3806E BC23CB78
D2000000 00000000

These Codes work on my UK Soul Silver game . Each one when activated will give you the respective Pokemon in slot one of box one in the PC when you press select. So move each Pokemon to another box befor saving and using another code !
Activate ONE code at a time.
Enjoy ! The Celebi will make the Time event activated in Ilex Forest and the Celebi and Beasts should also go through the Relcotor on Black or White. Giving you access to the Zorrua event in Castelia City and the Zorroark event in Lostlorn Forest.
Winter Celebi soul silver
94000130 FFFB0000
B2111880 00000000
E000F710 00000088
E32D7384 B64D0000
0E44C5D2 66925DCA
488A1D25 AA3947D5
05EA911D 666EDE26
8DDB0387 5DB80744
C75997E5 0F1ABEB2
A2B4AF89 EABC8632

Try a lot of ice type Pokemon,or get a bronzing at a trade because drg types arnt very effective. Also, before battleing lance,make your Pokemon level about 50-65 and that’s it! Enjoy kicking lance out the stage1

You have to beat red. After beating that go see prof. Oak. You get charmander, bulbasaur, of squirtle. Then go to saffron city get the girld poke doll return it to copycat. Go in the Pokemon tower thing talk to blue haired guy at desk. He gives you a hoen starter.

When you have collected ALL 16 badges talk to the music designer in Celadon to unlock the 8-bit originals from the original Gold/Silver games.

You need Pokemon soul silver and heart gold to do this. U need…


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