During the latest Pokemon Presents, fans are treated to their very first look at the next generation of games, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

When a new Pokemon Presents was announced for Pokemon Day, fan speculation became rampant. There were two main things fans wanted to see: a new Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC announcement and a Pokemon Gen 9 announcement. And, it seems, the Pokemon Presents delivered on both fronts.

Pokemon Sword and Shield may not seem as old as they are, but they were released back in 2019. This means this November will be three years since their release, and the thing is, most Pokemon generations last about three years. Thus, the announcement of the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet comes in right on time.


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This new game and region was teased near the end of the new Pokemon Presents video. It appears in roughly the last two minutes below.

Not too much can be gathered about the region, although there appear to be some coastal areas and a major city with a pretty strong and interesting architecture. Other than the starters, though, no new Pokemon were shown off, but as these are officially the new Pokemon gen 9 entries, fans can expect new Pokemon to be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have pulled back the curtain on the new starters as well. The Grass starter is a green cat with a leaf on its face, as well as a leaf-shaped tail. The Water starter is a white duck with a blue hat, and it feels like that hat may play into its evolution. Finally, there’s the Fire starter who looks like a crocodile fused with an apple. Now, this may mean the end of the Pokemon fire starter zodiac pattern, but it all remains to be seen. This was all that was shown, but fans can at least expect their second forms to be officially revealed prior to release.

While legendaries, gimmicks, and all of that are also up in the air, one thing of note regarding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is that they appear to be very open. It’s too early to call them an open-world Pokemon game, but it does seem to take some open-world design cues from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. That was the subject of some graphic…


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