Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack is getting 2000’s Pokemon Puzzle League added to the service, this July 15th, 2022, as announced by the official Nintendo of America Twitter account.

Pokemon Puzzle League, as the name suggests, is a match-three puzzle game, that is based on the Pokemon anime and has Ash Ketchum face off against various trainers and gym leaders, in the form of puzzle battles. All Expansion Pack members will have access to this Nintendo 64 title at no additional cost.

Like all modern consoles, the Nintendo Switch offers a subscription service that allows for basic features such as online multiplayer gameplay and cloud saving. At $19.99 a year, the Switch’s service also includes a decently large catalog of NES and SNES games. In 2021, Nintendo announced that the service would be getting a 2nd tier called Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which would include access to a small library of Nintendo 64 games for $49.99 a year.


Odd naming convention aside, the announcement was met with resistance. Given it was such a comparative increase to the original service’s price, players expected a bit more than such a small selection, albeit the stellar selection that it is, with games such as Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Super Mario 64. Over time, Nintendo has attempted to give the service more value, including content such as DLC for major games like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart, but many still express legitimate grievances.

Nintendo’s subscription service does continue to expand, however. Pokemon Puzzle League will be available for users to download from July 15th, 2022. The title was originally released as a Nintendo 64 game back in the year 2000, but will soon be available to play right on your Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Puzzle League had its fans, and the announcement was received positively by many, but it can’t be denied this isn’t the most beloved N64 game left to be added. Others took the opportunity to mention all the bigger titles not yet included, such as the Mario Party games, Super Smash Bros., and more. It can’t be denied it is rather odd that this game was added first than the inarguably bigger Pokemon Stadium titles.


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