A recent leak potentially confirms over a dozen more new evolutions and regional variant forms for the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

It seems trainers will be filling up their Pokédex with plenty of new Pokémon when Pokémon: Legends Arceus launches later this month, as a recent leak has potentially confirmed a number of evolutions and regional forms players can expect to discover.

According to Centro Leaks on Twitter, Legends: Arceus will introduce new Hisuian forms for the starter trio’s final evolutions, as Typhlosion will reportedly receive a Fire/Ghost Hisuian form, Decidueye a Grass/Fighting Hisuian form and Samurott a Water/Dark Hisuian form. The leak also confirms a new Hisuian form and evolution for Qwilfish with Dark/Poison typing, a Poison/Fighting Hisuian form and evolution for Sneasel as well as a new Normal/Ground evolution for Ursaring and new Flying/Fairy forms for the Force of Nature trio, Thundurus, Landorus and Tornadus. What’s more, Goodra and Sliggoo will have Water/Steel Hisuian forms while Avalugg and Lilligant will have Ice/Rock and Grass/Fighting Hisuian forms, respectively. A Hisuian form for Basculin has also been reportedly confirmed, though its typing was listed only as Water.

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Although the leaker claimed “most of the details are real,” the question marks across Qwilfish, Avalugg, Lilligant and the Force of Nature trio indicate their legitimacy is not as clear as the others. The leaker also advises fans to take the listed typings with a grain of salt.

Noticeably missing from the leak, however, is the Hisuian form for the fan-favorite Pokémon Mewtwo, which was rumored several months back alongside a new uncatchable form of the titular legendary Arceus, new mythical Pokémon and DLC featuring a primal form of the Pokémon Platinum legendary, Giratina. Moreover, another recent leak reported that Legends: Arceus will not feature unique Pokémon abilities in addition to other long-time series staples like held items and breeding.

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As for what has been officially confirmed for Pokémon Legends: Arceus, new Hisuian forms for Zorua and Zoroark were showcased in a trailer back in October, where the Pokémon debuted their new white coat and Normal/Ghost typing. Hisuian Voltorb has also been officially revealed, as a recent trailer showed off the Pokémon’s wooden composition and new Electric/Grass typing. Basculegion, the new Water/Ghost-type evolution for Basculin, has been confirmed as well, with the Pokémon’s sinister namesake potentially denoting a mild element of horror for Legends: Arceus.

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