The latest Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer reveals several new characters and clans players will interact with on their adventures in Hisui.

New characters, clans and small nuggets of information have come to light in the latest Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer.

In the update posted to the Official Pokémon YouTube channel, players can sneak a peek at several unique characters belonging to the Diamond Clan, Pearl Clan and Gingko Clan, all of whom will feature in the upcoming game. The Diamond and Pearl Clans pay homage to the original Pokémon Diamond/Pearl games and are likely connected to the legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia respectively. Meanwhile, the Gingko Clan is a faction of merchants that pop up throughout the Hisui region.

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The Diamond Clan is led by Adaman and Arezu while the Pearl faction is governed by Irida and Lian. Other NPCs belonging to the clans also show up in the trailer but appear to have little significance; whether this stay true when the game launches remains to be seen. While Arezu speaks of her desire to learn from the Galaxy Team, Lian introduces himself as “The warden to Kleavor, Lord of the Woods.” This could imply that Pokémon Legends: Arceus may include a similar mechanic to Pokémon Sun and Moon‘s totem Pokémon. The seventh generation of Pokémon games employed Trial Leaders who would preside over challenges that trainers must overcome, which often includes defeating strong Pokémon.

Meanwhile, the trailer also reveals that the two groups are somewhat antagonistic towards each other. The friction is evident as the two leaders, Adaman and Irida, attend a meeting with the player character and Commander Kamado, the Galaxy Team boss. Outside the meeting place, Adaman even says “I wish I hadn’t let myself get dragged into arguing with you. Almighty Sinnoh forgive me – what a waste of time.” The conflict may derive from how the two leaders view the freedom of Pokémon as Irida states, “Almighty Sinnoh made Hisui vast so Pokémon could live freely throughout.” This may even be a reaction to the invention of Poké Balls.

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This hostility will likely play a part in the game’s story, and players could have the opportunity to choose a faction to align with. Interestingly, both leaders also refer to the entity “Almighty Sinnoh,” a detail that won’t pass Pokémon fans by. This is likely the origin of the region’s modern name and could be an alternative title for the titular legendary Pokémon, Arceus.

Merchants of the golden-sigil Gingko Clan were also…


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