More than any other Pokemon game before it, inventory management is incredibly important in Legends: Arceus. Here’s how to unlock new satchel slots.

Thanks to the heavy emphasis placed on crafting in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players will find themselves collecting considerably more items than they otherwise would in a more traditional Pokemon game. Unfortunately, however, the Survey Corps satchel that is entrusted to them by Captain Cyllene at the beginning of their journey has limited capacity, which can cause some pretty big headaches a little further down the road.

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Luckily, Pokemon Legends: Arceus players are able to store items in special chests as well as in their satchel, which can make life a little easier. Better still, when crafting at a non-portable workbench, they’ll be able to use stored items without having to move them over to their satchel first. These chests aren’t all that useful while out in the field though, which can lead to players having to leave behind valuable items if their satchel ever becomes full.

How to Increase Inventory Space in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

To get around these issues, players can add extra slots to their Survey Corps satchel, though not before reaching the seventh main story mission, The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods. After speaking with Cylenne at the start of the mission, they’ll run into a Survey Corps recruit named Bagin just outside the Captain’s office, and he’ll offer to teach players how to carry more items. For a price, of course.

If players pay Bagin ₽100, he’ll give them some advice on inventory management which, in turn, will add one additional slot to their Survey Corps satchel. Players can do this multiple times, though the price for each new slot increases each time they do. At first, the price only goes up in increments of ₽100, but this eventually increases to hundreds of thousands of Poke Dollars, with the final slot costing a cool one million.

In total, players can unlock an additional 37 inventory slots using this method, though doing so will set them back a total of ₽4,199,500. With this in mind, most players will…


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