Pokemon Go is teasing a new Pokemon for its upcoming Fashion Week event. Last night, Pokemon Go posted a tease for its annual Fashion Week event, which kicks off later this month. The tease contained a silhouette of Furfrou, a Normal-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon X and Y. Fashion Week typically contains new costumed Pokemon, but Furfrou seems like a natural fit given that the Pokemon has a number of forms that can be changed with a simple visit to a style salon. You can check out the initial tease below:

Furfrou is a Normal-type Pokemon that resembles a French poodle. In the main series games, Furfrou has nine different “trims,” special looks that it gains when visiting a style salon. Each of these trims only last for a few days and provide no mechanical benefit to players. 

Pokemon Go first teased Furfrou’s arrival last month when it switched over its loading screen. Furfrou appears as one of several Pokemon whose shadows form a frightening figure in celebration of Halloween. Thanks to datamines, we know that Pokemon Go developers added Furfrou’s various trims to the game, although it’s unclear whether Pokemon Go players will have the ability to change Furfrou’s looks or if players will need to catch Furfrou with the various trims in the wild. Several other costumed Pokemon are also expected to appear as a part of the event. 

Pokemon Go is currently hosting the Season of Mischief, a three-month long period focused on the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa. Players can get an encounter with Hoopa now by completing a limited-time Special Research event. The game is also holding a Psychic Spectacular event (which features the debut of Inkay and its unusual evolution method). Based on the game’s current load screen, upcoming events will also feature the debut of Phantump another Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon X and YPokemon Go‘s September Community Day will take place on September 19th and will feature Oshawott. The October Community Day was also recently announced and will feature the Ghost-type Pokemon Duskull.


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