The Best Pokémon To Use For Gyms in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO players need powerful Pokémon to defend gyms and take new ones for their team. Here are some of the best Pokémon suited for each role.

Pokemon GO Dev Getting Sued Over Augmented Reality Tech

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has been sued by NantWorks LLC in the US over its use of augmented reality technology in the mobile game.

How To Find (& Catch) Mega Charizard Y in Pokémon GO

Mega Evolution is finally here with powerful Megas in Pokemon Go. Here’s how players can find and capture their very own Mega Charizard Y.

How To Find (& Catch) Mega Charizard X in Pokémon GO

Mega Evolutions is a feature finally appearing in Pokémon GO, and some Pokémon have Mega Evolutions like Mega Charizard X. Here’s how to catch one.

Pokémon Go Details Fan-Voted Porygon Community Day Coming This Month

The Pokémon GO community chose Porygon to be the Community Day Pokémon for September, and here are all the details regarding the event.

Pokémon GO Will No Longer Work On Some Older Phones Next Month

Niantic has revealed it is dropping support for some older mobile phones, meaning certain Android and iOS devices won’t be able to play Pokémon GO.

“Pokémon GO To the Polls” Returns From Our Worst Nightmares Of 2016

Pokémon GO developer Niantic is telling players to “Pokémon GO to the polls” in an ill-advised callback to the 2016 US presidential election.

Pokémon GO Promises To Fix Mega Evolutions After Angering Players

Following an outcry from Pokémon GO fans about the cost of unlocking mega evolutions, Niantic is promising to listen to feedback and fix issues.

Where to Find Mega Energy in Pokémon GO (& What it’s For)

Mega Energy is a new resource added to Pokémon GO that allows trainers to Mega Evolve certain Pokémon. Here’s how to unlock Mega Evolution.

How to Find (& Catch) Metagross in Pokémon GO

There are so many different Pokémon to catch in Pokémon GO that it’s almost overwhelming. Here is how to find the steel/psychic-type Metagross.

How to Find (& Catch) Moltres in Pokémon GO

There are a wide array of different Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go as the game continues to update. This guide shows players how to catch Moltres.

How to Find (& Catch) Rampardos in Pokémon GO

There are a lot of different Pokemon in Pokemon Go for players to discover and catch througoout their travels. This guide shows how to get Rampardos.

How to Find (& Catch) Salamence in Pokémon GO

There are a lot of different Pokemon for players to hunt down throughout the world of Pokemon Go. This guide shows players how to acquire Salamence.

How to Find (& Catch) Mamoswine in Pokémon GO

Mamoswine and its pre-evolutions are the only dual Ice and Ground types in Pokémon GO and the series. Here’s where to find this mammoth Pokémon.

Pokemon GO Mega Evolutions Finally Arrive

Long-awaited Mega Evolutions have finally been added to Pokemon GO, allowing trainers to use stronger versions of certain Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Reveals September 2020 Event Pokémon, Victini Special Research

Pokémon GO reveals its roadmap for September 2020, which adds several legendary raids, Victini special research, and a farewell to Jessie and James.

Pokémon GO Nearly Doubles Number Of Pokémon Spawn Locations

Pokémon GO developer Niantic is nearly doubling the number of Pokémon spawn locations in the game, and will continue to update spawn points.

Pokémon GO Mega Evolutions Finally Arrive Tomorrow

Pokémon GO is finally adding Mega Evolutions to the mobile game phenomanon allowing players to Mega Evolve some of their favorite Gen 1 Pokémon.

Pokémon GO’s Next Community Day Pokémon Are Charmander & Porygon

The most recent Pokémon GO Community Day poll has ended, and Porygon and Charmander won. They will be featured as September and October’s Pokémon.

How to Find (& Catch) Zekrom in Pokémon GO

Zekrom is a powerful legendary Pokemon from the Unova region. This guide will help players locate it and capture it from within Pokemon Go.


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