Ongoing Raids

By: KANNU20062003   37 Instinct
Send me friend request i will add you
10 minutes ago
Delhi, India

Raids you missed

By: P1kachum1n   30 Instinct
1 hour ago
New Delhi, India
By: MrMMars   32 Valor
Will try to invite as many as I can this is my first time making a raid
2 hours ago
Jarrell, United States
By: DirtBikerJay   Instinct
Need help
2 hours ago
Barrie, Canada
Electric   /   Flying
By: enzodelarge12   28 Instinct
I will invite the first 5 people who added me.
2 hours ago
Büyükçekmece, Turkey
By: SpiritThaGamer   33 Instinct
add me for inv ************
3 hours ago
Freeport, United States


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