A Pokemon Go player caught an astounding 11,400 Pokemon in 24 hours during yesterday’s Community Day event. The player, who goes by “tarotirota” in the game and on social media, shared his accomplishment on Twitter. According to his Tweet, the hardest part of the whole thing was managing the number of Poke Balls necessary. After all, players only have so much item storage capacity, so keeping the number of balls needed on-hand would take a lot of management. He apparently started with 2900 Poke Balls, and traveled 130 km by bike during the festivities (likely traveling to spin Poke Stops). It sounds like he got some good exercise in!

The Tweet from tarotirota can be found embedded below.

While Poke Ball management was apparently the most difficult part of the task, the feat must have also required a lot of Pokemon management. Players only have so much storage capacity in the game, requiring excess Pokemon to be transferred to Professor Willow or the Pokemon Home app (and the latter option only allows so many free transfers each day). There was some payoff for his efforts, however; the player managed to obtain 139 Shiny Pokemon during the event, including several Fletchling, a Snubbull, and a female Nidoran.

Given just how much effort it required to accomplish this task, it seems unlikely that another Pokemon Go player will be able to beat tarotirota’s number anytime soon. After all, obtaining 11,400 Pokemon in 24 hours would require catching just under 8 Pokemon per minute. That’s not easy considering how stubborn Pokemon can be in the game. Some can require quite a few thrown balls before capture, and they can run away after a lot of effort. It seems that tarotirota was more than up to the task, however!

Are you impressed by tarotirota’s Pokemon Go accomplishment? Do you think you could come close to that kind of feat? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!


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