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I don’t know if you’ll do this and you can ignore it but can we get Giovanni brutally beating Reader grunt after a failed mission and he makes everyone watch? maybe the leaders provide some aftercare?

You shivered and bit your lip, refusing to look Giovanni in the eye. But you didn’t have to to know he was enraged and disgusted with you.

“Y/n,” Giovanni stated calmly, but the anger was simmering underneath. “Tell everyone why you’re here in front of them today.”

You gulped and tried not to cry. It wasn’t fair! Other Grunts failed everyday but Boss was only out for your blood! Why?!

“I…” You started. “I failed a mission you gave me, sir.”

“How many does that make this week?”

You winced, hoping he wouldn’t bring it up. “That makes…five this week, sir.”

You dared to look up and saw his Three behind him. Arlo gave you a grimace before trying to look disinterested, Sierra and Cliff gave you pitying looks. 

“Y/n…look at me.” Giovanni ordered suddenly.

You froze but obeyed, you looked at him right in the eye.

And then you were backhanded hard, you fell to the ground with a yelp, your cheek burning.

“Do you enjoy humiliating my empire?!” Giovanni roared, sending powerful kicks to your side.

You cried out, trying to back away from him but it was no use. “Sir, please!” You begged.

“One weak link can break the chain!” Giovanni snarled, pressing his foot to your chest.

You couldn’t help but tear up. You saw the looks of your fellow Grunts, some of them looked like they wanted to help but couldn’t, some looked neutral.

“I’m sorry!” you sobbed, desperately trying to pry his foot off.

“You’re pathetic!” Giovanni screamed. pulling you up by your Grunt shirt and pinning you to the wall. You gasped as your back met the wall hard.

“You fuck up one more time, you can forget about telling people you’re Team Rocket?! Do you understand?!” He yelled in your face. 

“Y-Yes, sir.” You whimpered, shaking like a leaf in the wind.

He dropped you, letting you flop to the ground like a doll. Giving you one last sneer, he looked to the other Grunts. “I will not tolerate failure like this! Let this be a lesson to all of you!”

“Yes, sir.” They all chorused.

“Good. Dismissed.” Giovanni said dusting his suit off and walking out like nothing happened.

The Grunts followed suit but the Leaders did not.

“Y/n!” Sierra called out, rushing to your side.

“Damn, he got them good.” Arlo said, seeing the marks Giovanni’s shoes left.

“It’s alright, Y/n, I have you.” Cliff said quietly, lifting you up with his strong but gentle arms. “Let’s get you to my office.”

You winced as Arlo wrapped some of your cuts with antibiotic cream and bandages. “He hates me.”

“Y/n…” Sierra sighed, rubbing your arm. “Boss is a…difficult man.” 

“You only say that because he tells you everything.” You pouted. “My name ever come up in your conversations?”

“Well…” Sierra bit her lip. You groaned.

“I knew it!” You yelled, throwing your hands up in defeat.

“If it’s any consolation, Y/n, we believe in you.” Cliff said, putting a hand on your shoulder.

You smiled sadly but it went away quickly. You just wanted Giovanni to treat you like a decent person. Was that too much to ask?

“Y/n, why don’t you and I train later? See what you’re doing wrong?” Sierra offered. “It would do you good.”

“And I could show you tech that would help.” Arlo offered as well.

“You don’t need to take pity on me.” You mumbled.

“Y/n, don’t you wanna show Boss what you’re made of? You gotta take any help you can get.” Cliff stated.

You bit your lip but nodded. “It’ll get him off my back?” you asked.

“It should.” Arlo shrugged, putting the first aid kit away. “Trust us, Y/n, we’ll get you on the right track.”

You glared, nodding. “We start today?” 

“Tomorrow, after you rest. Raikou knows you need it.” Cliff stated. “Go home, Y/n, we got things here.”

You nodded, a new determination in your eyes. 

You would win Giovanni’s respect, even if it killed you.

I hope this was good, Anon!


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