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Credit: Niantic

It’s still chilly outside, but Spring is on its way. Which means that it’s time to play Pokemon GO, though I would argue that that is basically true for all seasons, just moreso when it’s nice out. And that’s nice, because Community Day comes early this month, and we get to celebrate on the first Saturday as we prepare to dive further into the season of legends. Fletchling is in the spotlight, so let’s get into it.

Start/End Times: Still on the extended hours now, because while there is hope that we can spy the end of the COVID-19 crisis, we are still very much in it. Community Day is on Saturday, March 6, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time. During that time expect to see a ton of Fletchling in wild spawns, raids and from eggs.

The Pokemon: I was pretty surprised by this one, to be honest. Every generation has a sort of standard bird, often but not always with a three-tier evolution, and typically drawn pretty close to a real-world bird. Fletching is that bird for the Kalos region, evolving into Fletchinder and then into Talonflame, growing from a cute little robin sort of thing into a powerful, predatorial-looking hawk sort of thing.

Research: As usual, we’ll have both timed research and a Special Research quest that you can buy for $.99. This time around the Special Research is called “The Bravest Bird”, and we’ll know more about it when the day starts to begin over on the other side of the world. I hope that refers to Fletchling and not Talonflame, because that would be cuter.

Shiny: As usual, we’ve got a dramatically increased shiny rate, so you should be able to grab one in these six hours with some degree of effort. It’s a subtle shift this time: a little bit more orange, mostly, with the typical shiny flair when you encounter it. The shift remains subtle on through it’s evolutions, winding with a Talonflame that trades black accents for white and orange ones.


The Move: If you evolve a Talonflame during or up to two hours after the close of Community Day, you’ll get yourself a Pokemon that knows Incinerate, leaning into it’s fire typing. As far as I gather, Talonflame is a capable Pokemon in the Great and Ultra Leagues, though I haven’t used it myself. Community Day means you can hunt for the right IVs and enough candy for extra moves, so that might be the push I need.

The Bonus: In addition to the typical 3-hour incense, we’ve got a whopping 3 times thee experience for catching Pokemon. So, as it goes, you can get up to 6 times the experience if you pop a lucky egg. Combine that with the recent buff to catch XP and you could rack up some major XP very quickly if you’re able to hit excellent throws at 6,000 a pop.


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