We’re just a few days away from the Fletchling Community Day event in Pokémon GO and it’s time to ask the monthly question of whether the Special Research ticket is worth buying. Unlike the last two months, this one doesn’t come free to a lot of players since the Kanto Tour event is over. So everyone will have to make the decision once again. But we’re here to help you decide, is The Bravest Bird ticket worth it in Pokémon GO.

Coming in at a reasonable $1 price tag, the monthly Community Day tickets aren’t the most expensive items you can buy in Pokémon GO. And yet we all wonder each month if it’s worth taking part in the paid portion of the event. Everyone will get to experience the majority of the day’s bonuses, such as increased Fletchling spawns, boosted shiny odds, and more. But if you are willing to part with the extra cash you gain access to a host of rewards thanks to the The Bravest Bird Special Research quest you receive. So are those bonuses worth it?

UPDATE: For the full tasks and rewards see here. Original text continues…

This month is a tougher decision than many of the previous ones, even if you exclude the free January and February tickets from the Kanto Tour event. Fletchling just isn’t the most popular character in Pokémon GO. Lots of players won’t be partaking in the majority of the event. If so then the The Bravest Bird ticket simply isn’t worth buying for you. Most of the tasks from previous events have you catching the featured Pokémon, so if you don’t complete it on the day it can be tough to finish it up. However, for those who will be playing it’s a pretty great deal.

The Bravest Bird Ticket – What are the Rewards

We don’t yet have the full tasks and rewards for the Fletchling Community Day Special Research quest that you get from buying The Bravest Bird ticket (watch for an update closer to the event). But based on previous tickets we can give a good guess. For your $1 and the effort to complete the quest you should receive something close to the following: 10 Poké Balls, 120 Fletchling Candy, 13,500 Stardust, 10 Pinap Berries, 5 Silver Pinap Berries, 3 Rare Candy, 2 Incense, a Poffin, 2 Golden Razz Berries, 3,000 XP, a Rocket Radar, 2 Fletchling encounters, and a Talonflame encounter. This assumes the rewards will be similar to the previous Community Days, but it could be slightly different.

Should you Buy the Fletchling Community Day Ticket

Add all of those items up and you have much more than $1’s worth of in-game rewards. So if you will be participating in Fletchling Community Day and need any of the above then The Bravest Bird ticket is likely worth buying for you. But that’s just our opinion on is The Bravest Bird ticket worth it in Pokémon GO. Check back closer to the event if you’re still curious and we’ll have more firm data, including the full tasks and rewards for the Special Research quest.

– This article was updated on:March 5th, 2021

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