Pokemon Go‘s latest Community Day is here! This time around, it features the Grass/Poison-type Pokemon Roselia. More specifically, the new Community Day kicks off today, February 7th, at 11 AM local time and gives players the chance to encounter the aforementioned Roselia. Roselia may not be a particularly popular Pokemon, but its evolved form Roserade is the strongest non-Legendary Grass-type Pokemon currently in Pokemon Go. This means that the Community Day is a can’t-miss event, especially as it comes with the chance to grab a Roserade with a pair of unique moves.

Here’s everything you need to know about this weekend’s Community Day:

Roselia Community Day – Times and Date

Roselia’s Community Day runs from 11 AM to 5 PM local time on February 7th.

Roselia Community Day – Exclusive Moves

For the first time ever, this weekend’s Community Day will feature two exclusive moves. Any Roserade evolved during Community Day will know the fast move Bullet Seed and the charge move Weather Ball (Fire). This moveset provides players with a quick attack that generates a lot of energy with a strong charge move that’s effective against a lot of the dominant Pokemon on the competitive scene.

Roserade’s Usefulness in Pokemon Go

Roserade is a deceptively strong Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It has the highest Attack stat of any non-Legendary Grass-type Pokemon, which makes it ideal to use in raids and against Team Rocket Grunts and leaders. While Roserade’s Defense stat isn’t particularly strong, the Pokemon can deal out a lot of damage in the right scenario.

With the addition of Weather Ball (Fire) to its moveset, Roserade also gains a valuable counter move that’s effective against most of the Ultra League’s strongest Pokemon. Roserade can mainly be used on “meta-killer” teams, although its low Defense means that it should only be used in targeted situations after Shields have been depleted or your opponent needs to protect multiple Pokemon at once. Roserade can also be used in Great League, but its effectiveness is blunted by its low Defense stat and lack of bulk.

Roselia Community Day – Other Bonuses


The Roselia Community Day will also come with 1/4 Egg Hatch Distance during the event, which will be useful to anyone who wants to brave the weather and get some walking in during the event.

Like other Community Day events, Roselia Community Day will also feature a boosted Shiny rate for Roselia. Shiny Roselia has different-colored flowers than a normal Roselia – it has a purple flower and a black flower instead of its usual red and blue blooms. The Pokemon’s skin is also a few shades lighter than a non-Shiny Roselia.


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