Once a month, Pokémon GO hosts a special Community Day event where trainers can catch a special Pokémon en masse. With Ralts Community Day behind us for August, Niantic has already announced the next event for the incredibly popular mobile game in September. Stock up on plenty of Pokéballs and Star Pieces, as Turtwig, the Tiny Leaf Pokémon, is up next!

On September 15, from 11am to 2pm local time, Turtwig will spawn in droves in Pokémon GO. While not a rare Pokémon to begin with, this will be the first time you can catch a Shiny Turtwig. If you evolve its evolved form Grotle during or up to an hour after Community Day is over, Torterra will learn an exclusive move that can’t be taught otherwise in-game. While the exclusive move is currently unknown, it will most likely be the powerful attack Frenzy Plant, just like previous Grass-type starter Pokémon that were featured in their own Community Days. Additionally, Turtwig Community Day will also feature a 3x Catch Stardust and 3-hour Lure bonuses for the three hour duration of the event.

Tropius comes to Canada

In addition to Turtwig Community Day, Pokémon GO players near Montreal, Quebec will be delighted to know that the city will host its very own Safari Zone. From September 20 to 22, rare Pokémon like Unown, and Africa’s regional exclusive Tropius will migrate to Parc Jean-Drapeau. The park is located east from Montreal’s downtown, and spans across Saint Helen’s Island and Notre Dame Island.

On top of this event, trainers across Canada can catch many of the speedy Pokémon that will show up at the Safari Zone; however, it is unknown which species those will be. Yanma will also spawn in greater numbers around the world during the weekend. With that, I wonder if Shiny Yanma will start making an appearance…

Be sure to buy yourself a ticket to the Montreal Safari Zone soon, as these Pokémon won’t spawn within the city otherwise. Tickets will go on sale within the coming days, so follow the Pokémon GO social media channels to grab a ticket the moment they become available!

I hope I’m lucky enough to go, as I don’t think I can feasibly get my own Tropius otherwise. Are you looking forward to September’s Pokémon GO Community Day? Will you and your friends visit Montreal for Safari Zone next month to catch incredibly rare Pokémon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!



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