Pokemon GO

Credit: Niantic

Pikachu! Have you heard of it? Arguably one of them most famous mascots in the world, Pikachu has been a major part of Pokemon GO since the beginning, the first creature to show off different fashions, the first featured Pokemon on Community Day, and one of only three Pokemon to have a dedicated medal. And, just in case you haven’t had enough Pikachu, it’s got a spotlight hour today, February 23.

To start with: Pikachu spotlight hour takes place on February 23, 2021, from 6:00-7:00 PM local time. During that time you’ll see a whole bunch of Pikachu around. I haven’t seen any word on hats or anything, so I’m going to guess this are all just normal ones.

Typically I spend some time here talking about what’s weird or unique about the spotlight Pokemon, but everyone has a basic familiarity with Pikachu. It wasn’t really the flagship Pokemon until the anime, however, after which it became the starter for Pokemon Yellow. A story I like about it: designer Koji Noshino loved it so much that he made it difficult to find in the original games, hiding it away in the Power Plant area. It didn’t work, however, and the awesome power of Pikachu’s cuteness was unleashed upon the world shortly after release. The rarity only made trainers want it more.

Where shiny is concerned, you’re looking for a very slight shift. A shiny Pikachu is jsut sort of a deeper yellow color, and it could easily be missed if it weren’t for the visual flourish that accompanies its arrival.


The bonus isn’t all that exciting: double catch candy, which will only be so useful considering you’ll mostly be catching Pikachu, which despite it’s cuteness isn’t all that meta relevant. It will, however, be useful towards finishing that Pikachu Fan medal, which is going to take a long time to Platinum.


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