The original idea of Nintendo and the creator Satoshi Tajiri was responsible for bringing Pokemon to all the fans around the world, starting out as a simple, but incredible game for the console Game Boy, first with the Red and Green versions, then with the Blue one when it reached an unbelievable success. Nowadays it is at the sixth generation, with a total of 718 pocket monsters, not only in the Pokemon games, but also in the successful cartoon they released after the Nintendo consoles were selling like crazy thanks to the saga.

In its first edition, there were only 150 creatures counting with the legendary ones, almost impossible to be found and not available in thousands like the most common ones. Among these, there were the three legendary birds Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos, together with the mysterious Mew and its genetically changed version called Mewtwo, who was the main villain of the first movie released back in 1999.

Even though there aren’t as many fans as when there were only a few of them and the Pokemon games online were still starting to be developed, it’s still considered one of the greatest among the oldest franchises. Many other rare and common creatures came after, but each generation of kids will have their favorites according to what series they catch for their video-games, which might be the Gold and Silver or even the newest X and Y combination.

Every time two new are released with a special third just like the first generation, each one comes with different pocket monsters, so that all the fans that play Pokemon have a reason to buy more than a single one. They didn’t stop with the role-playing genre and, together with the first ones released, the trading card online became really famous, since not everybody had friends with the real cards to play with and therefore it would be much easier to just achieve them playing against the game characters and then fight with their friends using a cable link.

Many other products were released and the parents could even get free Pokemon for kids sometimes, as a prize for watching one of the many movies it already has. Some fans are completely addicted to the fourth with Celebi, who is still a mystery even after many other generations after it, while there are those who prefer Kyuren and The Sword of Justice, one of the newest films.

Virtually, you can still play without downloading and enjoy playing at and either enjoy their super powers, which can go from psychic and dark abilities to skills based on the water or fire elements, each one with its advantages and weaknesses that can change a battle on their favor or just have fun with the many puzzles that still have the characters and their pocket monsters, but use another system like blocks breaking or tower building, most of the time with the yellow electric creature called Pikachu, famous with both fans and Team Rocket.

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