The Pokemon series has made its mark across almost every Nintendo console from the Game Boy to the 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch is no different. The system has a range of main series titles and spin-off games for you to sink your teeth into, so when it comes to the Switch, you’re never really left wanting when it comes to Pokemon content.

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However, with such choice available to you, there also comes the question of which games are worth your time. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokemon trainer or entering the fray of Pokemon battles for the very first time, deciding which game to dive into next can be difficult, and it also depends on whether you’re searching for the classic Pokemon adventure, or something a little different in the wide and wonderful world of Pokemon. While there are more Pokemon titles available on Nintendo Switch Online, we’re sticking to official releases for this one.


10 Pokken Tournament DX

The first-ever Pokemon title on the switch, Pokken Tournament DX takes inspiration from the Tekken series (if you couldn’t already guess by the name) and is an arcade-style fighting game. Though it was a port of a Wii U title, the Switch version added a few more Pokemon that you could fight as, including Darkrai and Scizor.

The Switch version didn’t add much else though, other than the slightly crisper graphics, and the fact that you could play the game anywhere without having to lug the heavy Wii U gamepad around.

9 Pokemon Quest

Move over pixel sprites and 3D models — Pokemon are cubed now. In Pokemon Quest, you can explore Tumblecube Island, where your main goal is to search for loot. Go back to your base camp to use your loot and cook up dishes to attract new Pokemon for your expedition team.

Plus, you can even decorate your base camp if you want to, and who doesn’t love a bit of personalization? Cute, fun and rewarding, Pokemon Quest is a laid-back game that you can return to whenever you want a little Pokemon in your life.

8 Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Originally called Pokemon Cafe Mix, this game allows you to run a cafe where you can serve treats to Pokemon. You can even hire…


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