For years, fans of the Pokémon anime have been following the exploits of Ash Ketchum, as he works towards his goal of being a Pokémon Master. Though that hasn’t worked out as planned, the adventures have been fun to watch nonetheless. Ash has gone through numerous companions throughout the show, but he’s gone through even more Pokémon.

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Of course, his most memorable Pokémon, Pikachu, has a permanent spot in his party. But Ash has caught and trained a wide variety of Pokémon throughout his adventures. As fans of the anime will know, some of them are stronger than others. While they’ve all contributed, a select few of Ash’s Pokémon have accomplished some pretty tough things.


Updated on January 3rd, 2021 by Josh Davison:With over 50 distinct Pokémon species under his belt, Ash worked with a wide variety of partners over the 23 years that he’s been a 10-year-old. His journey has had its ups and downs, and he’s rarely been the undisputed Pokémon Master of a region. However, that’s not stopped Ash Ketchum from trying again in the next series. He’s had plenty of powerful Pokémon partners, but a few have undeniably risen above the rest. While 15 covers a large portion of those partners, it’s far from all of them. Today, another five are going to be added to the list as we come closer to the halfway mark of Ash’s large retinue of Pokémon.


20 Gliscor

Ash met his Gligar in the Sinnoh Region, the Ground and Flying-Type Pokémon soon evolved into a Gliscor and won Ash an intense battle against the Canalave Gym Leader’s Bastiodon. Ash left it in the care of a man named McCann for further training, and it returned with such powerful moves as Stone Edge and Giga Impact under its belt.

It won some further battles in the Sinnoh Battle League and it earned its spot on Ash’s team in spades. It’s not among the most remembered Pokémon that Ash has ever caught, but it worked hard and won some hard-fought battles.

19 Torterra

Ash’s Torterra started off as a wee Turtwig way back in the Sinnoh Region. As impressive a creature as Torterra is, most of its notable victories actually came back when it was a Turtwig or…


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