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In April this year, in the Pokemon Presents (Pokemon face-to-face meeting) video presentation, Pokemon revealed that the third game Pokemon Legends: Arceus is planned to arrive in early 2022.

In Pokemon Crystal Diamond and Pokemon Bright Pearl, players can once again visit the Shenao region that was originally launched in 2006. Players always Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale from the PKMBuy website. These two games are remakes of the Nintendo DS games Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl released in 2006.

The third game is The Legend of Pokemon: Arceus, which will introduce fans to the old things in the Shenao region in Pokemon Trainers and Pokemon Leagues Before it exists. The Legend of Pokemon: Arceus is a brand new game that will allow players to take a brand new adventure and create the first Pokedex in the region.

Pokemon Crystal Diamond and Pokemon Bright Pearl were developed by ILCA, with Yuichi Ueda and Jun Masuda as directors. They are designed to allow fans to experience the original stories and game features of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl in a new way.

The original game has been faithfully reproduced on Nintendo Switch. The sense of the scale of towns and routes has been carefully preserved, and fans who have played the original game will recognize many familiar places. More importantly, in addition to the close-up Pokemon battle scenes, the game has also updated the easy-to-understand and player-friendly convenience facilities introduced in the recent Pokemon core series of video games.

To capture wild Pokemon, players can study the behavior of Pokemon, sneak close to them, and then throw a poke ball. To save time, many new players choose to Buy Pokemon Sword and Shield. Players can also fight wild Pokemon with their allies Pokemon.




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