the expected pokemon uniteMOBA video game from the famous franchise nintendo, It will arrive for free in Nintendo Switch This Wednesday, July 21.

The game will be free, despite the aesthetic microtransactions, and will witness team battles with Pokemon Most commonly, each has a skill set focused on 5 vs. 5.

nintendo Post a new game trailer to get to know you better pokemon unite, is already listed as ” dotta Pokemon “for belonging to the same gender.

To celebrate the launch of the video game, nintendo Pokémon will be awarded Zeraora, but only to everyone who logs in before August 31, 2021

Coming soon to mobiles

Developed by TiMi, pokemon unite It will also reach mobile phones Android s iOS Free, but still in September with no exact date for now.

It will have a cross game: you can play games with friends no matter what platform you are connected from. If you created your main account with the account nintendo a pokemon trainner club, Profile data will be saved on any device.

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