Swirl Cafe, a new cafe concept with a twist, has just opened in Edmonton.

Not only does this space serve up espresso-style coffee drinks and ice cream cones, but also deals in all things Pokemon.

Aiming to “provide a one-stop shop for anything Pokemon-related,” this will be a haven for buying products, grabbing a drink, and, hopefully, getting a game going with friends.

The cafe menu offers customized ice cream, milkshakes, espresso-based drinks, Italian sodas, cold brew, and various light food items to snack on.

Single cards, sealed, and custom pack Pokemon cards are for sale on the shelves, but you’re also encouraged to bring your own collection in for any of the themed nights to compete, trade, and more.

Weekly events like gym leader challenges, armoury drafts, and dedicated league nights are all options for aspiring Pokemon trainers.

Stickers, pins, cases, binders, and more can also be purchased here, making it truly a one-stop shop for all of your Pokemon needs.

Grab your collection and your poke ball and visit this unique new cafe and see what it’s all about — if you want to be the very best like no one has before, that is.

Swirl Cafe

Address: 6825 177th Street NW, Edmonton



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