With an April release 30 release date, New Pokémon Snap is just around the corner — so Friday’s Pokémon Presents was a perfect time to tell us a little bit more about the photography-focused Switch exclusive. Here’s the latest trailer.

New Pokémon Snap is the sequel to the Nintendo 64 game with a nearly identical title, except this time around, you’ll be helping a professor out with an “ecological survey.” Studying the pocket monsters requires you to ride a rail tram of sorts, which will take you through the natural environments. And, the better your pictures, the higher your score.

The game will take into account things like the size of your subject, how you frame them, their pose, if they’re looking at the camera, and more. You can also feed monsters to help take better photographs. And, apparently, the game will let you see certain monsters behave in entirely new ways — you are, after all, seeing them in the wild.

My favorite part? Watching Raichu surf and shred. You’ll also be able to go underwater, and use an item to make monsters glow — which will lead to different types of behaviors. You can also use different types of stickers and frames for your pictures. You can then upload pictures to an official platform, where you’ll be able to see everyone else’s snaps. The best pictures will get featured by the developer. You’ll also be able to adjust pictures after you take them, allowing you to tweak things like brightness, blur, zoom, and more.


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