Lots of people talk about starters – Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and so on – but the Eeveelutions are also iconic figures in Pokemon history. From original designs like Vaporeon to more recent iterations on the formula like Sylveon, there’s yet to be an Eeveelution that someone has looked at and said “nope.” Fortunately, the Eeveelutions are in New Pokemon Snap – unfortunately, they’re not very easy to find.


As a means of remedying that, we decided to put together a comprehensive guide for where to find each and every Eeveelution in The Pokemon Company’s latest game. So, whether you’re after Umbreon or Glaceon, look no further than this New Pokemon Snap Eeveelutions location guide to help you find and snap your favourite.

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First of all we obviously have Eevee itself. Fortunately, Professor Mirror has an Eevee of his own, meaning you can snap a few shots of this fan favourite as soon as you unlock the ability to take photos in your research camp shortly after the beginning of the game. Handy!


Vaporeon unfortunately can’t be snapped until after you’ve beaten the main story. This is because you can’t go to the location where it’s found – Maricopia Reef (Night) – until after the credits roll.


Once you’ve finished the game, make your way to the reef at night and head to Machamp’s rock, which Primarina will now be sitting on. Once you pass this, you’ll get an environmental scanning prompt. Interacting with it will inform you that there’s a Pokemon under the waves – press R to play music and Vaporeon will jump up into the air before diving back down into the water. If you catch it mid-jump, you’ll get a handy four-star snap.


Flareon is also a late game Pokemon, not being encounterable until you get Fireflow Volcano to rank three. Once you’ve done this, it’s all over the place. It’s sleeping in the end location of the left route from the junction, and it appears twice on the right route – once next to Charmander in the blue and grey room, and again wandering around the inside of the volcano at the alternate end location. It takes a while to make your…


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