New Pokemon And Hisuian Forms List for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Guide includes new pokemon forms, evolutions, appearance, type, regional variants, stats and more!

Hisuian Pokemon

Pokemon With New Evolutions

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These new Hisuian Pokemon have been added as a new evolution line of Pokemon that appeared mainly in the previous generations.

Pokemon With New Regional Variants

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There are many Pokemon that have undergone special changes due to its region. This change in appearance is called Regional Form / Variant wherein its type, stats, characteristics, etc. are different from the original Pokemon.

Final Evolution Of Starter Pokemon

The final evolution of the three starter pokemon are listed above. They are different from the original, and they are also able to learn special moves.

Best Starter Pokemon

New Hisuan Legendaries

Dialga and Palkia gained new forms. A new legendary, Enamorus, was also introduced with 2 forms.

All Legendary Pokemon List

Details Of New Pokemon Evolutions


Species Big Horn Pokemon
Type Normal / Psychic
Height 1.8m
Weight 95.1kg
Evolve Conditions Use Agile Style Psyshield Bash 20 times.

Wyrdeer is a Pokemon that is close to humans and helps them with their daily activities. Its chin, tail, and legs have thickened fur which can be used to make the finest winter clothes.

The Evolution Of Stantler

In the Hisui region, Stantler can evolve into Wyrdeer. It can be seen that Wyrdeer’s fur grew thicker and has white-colored fur.


Species Big Fish Pokemon
Type Water / Ghost
Height 3.0m
Weight 110.0kg
Evolve Conditions Use Moves to deal 300 or more Recoil Damage.

Basculegion fights together with the souls of dead Basculins, which attack opponents as if they have a will of their own.

The Evolution Of Basculin

When a Basculin is possessed by the souls of other Basculins from its school who were unable to survive the arduous journey upstream, evolution occurs.


Species Axe Pokemon
Type Bug / Rock
Height 1.8m
Weight 89.0kg
Evolve Condition Use Black Augurite.

A casual swing from one of Kleavor’s large, axe-like arms can deliver a devastating blow, inflicting massive damage on even the most resilient foes.

The Evolution Of Scyther

Scyther evolves into this Pokémon thanks to the special minerals found in the Hisui region. You can have Scyther evolve to either Scizor or Kleavor depending on the item used.


Species Pin Cluster Pokemon
Type Dark / Poison
Height 2.58m
Weight 63.67kg
Evolution Condition Use Strong Style Barb Barrage 20 times.

Evolution of Overqwil


Type Fighting / Poison
Height 1.44m
Weight 39.70kg
Evolution Condition Use Razor Claw on Hisuian Sneasel in the Morning.

Evolution of Sneasler


Type Ground / Normal
Height 2.36m
Weight 297.55kg
Evolution Condition Use Peat Block to evolve Ursaring during Full Moon at Crimson Mirelands.

Evolution of Ursaluna

Details Of New Regional Variants

Hisuian Braviary

Species Battle Cry Pokemon
Type Psychic / Flying
Height 1.7m
Weight 43.4kg

The normal typing of Braviary has been changed to the Psychic type. It might…


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