A new Pokemon 2021 rumor has Pokemon fans on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite divided. Amidst rumors and leaks that this year’s Pokemon games will be a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, it looks like Poke Ball Plus might be getting a re-release, which in turn has some fans worried, and others excited, that the pair of remakes won’t be in the vain of Omega Ruby and Omega Saphire, but Let’s Go-style remakes.

The origins of the rumor comes the way of Twitter user Pixelpar, who recently noticed that Poke Ball Plus is seemingly getting a reprint. Of course, there could be a variety of reasons for this. Pokemon Sword and Shield support the feature and Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee continue to sell copies. So, the reprint could have something to do with either of these things.

Meanwhile, others are convinced there’s nothing to see here, but as Pixelpar points out, the only possible explanation is this is a reprint of the product or a new version.

“Periodic testing needs to be done (at a minimum) once per year,” writes Pixelpar. “If a material change is made then the production batch needs retesting. The last certification was done in November 2018. The last date of production was March 2019. This means it’s either a reprint or a new version.”

Right now, it’s unclear what the consequences of this are, but with Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl remake rumors circulating, it’s possible it’s all related, which has fans divided.

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Scared and Sad


Is This Just a Joke?


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