A new Pokemon 2021 rumor has Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite fans divided. Day by day, it looks more and more likely that Pokemon 2021 will be a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the fourth generation of the series, and a generation many have a soft spot in their heart for. And if there was any doubt that this is what Nintendo has in the works, a new rumor, borderline leak, seemingly squashes this skepticism.

As Centro Pokemon reports, the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl subdomains that were recently registered, the ones that seemingly confirmed the long-running Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond remake rumors, were activated on January 12, 2021. In other words, they aren’t old domains.

When the domains originally started to make the rounds, many wrote them off as possibly being old, but this isn’t the case. Now, does this mean the subdomains now 100 percent confirm the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl rumors? No, not quite, but right now there’s no other explanation for why these subdomains were randomly registered last week.

Unfortunately, Nintendo and Game Freak are sitting by quiet as all of this information propagates and divides fans in the process, many of which aren’t very keen on the idea of getting remakes rather than a proper new generation. Meanwhile, plenty still aren’t convinced by the rumors and leaks in the first place. However, if there’s one thing my years in the industry have taught me is that where there’s this much smoke, there’s usually fire.


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