UPDATED This page includes every single New Pokemon in Gen 8: Pokemon Sword and Shield. This list includes Starter Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, Galarian version of existing Pokemon, and every single other new Pokemon you can encounter in the Galar Region.

You can see all their Pokedex entries and animations in action in the video below.


We’ve listed every single New Gen 8 Pokemon name and type, in the order the appear in the Pokedex. This ordering will also give you a clear idea of which Pokemon have evolutions and which ones are standalone creatures.

Click through the slideshow above to see every new Pokemon revealed so far, or scroll down to see the table version!

Every New Gen 8 Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Listed below is every new Pokemon for Gen 8: Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can click on the Pokemon’s name, to be taken to it’s Pokedex page of our wiki.


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